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HVAC Transportation: Cool Tips for Shipping Air Conditioning Equipment

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Published: June 4, 2020
Last Modified: April 4, 2024
Author: Jacob Lee

HVAC transportation is a sought after service, no matter what time of the year it is. That’s because this equipment is useful in a variety of temperatures and weather conditions. However, homeowners and landlords alike will need to follow the correct practices when shipping this type of equipment.

What Is HVAC Equipment

According to Fortune Business Insights, the HVAC market is growing steadily. For HVAC equipment shipping to be performed correctly, shippers need to make sure their units are crated or palletized and boxed with packing materials. Rooftop HVAC equipment will need to be loaded/unloaded with a crane and shipped on a flatbed trailer.

Our guide on HVAC equipment shipping will show you what to expect when using this service.

What Is HVAC Equipment?

HVAC is an acronym that stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This type of equipment is used to provide hot and cold air to homes, offices and other types of buildings. HVAC can also improve indoor air quality and regulate humidity inside the building it’s connected to. 

The importance of temperature control within buildings has caused the HVAC market to grow exponentially in the past few years. 

Global HVAC Market Revenue (2018-2022)

Year Revenue
2018$199.51 Billion
2019$203.53 Billion
2020$220 Billion
2021$243.66 Billion
2022$235.11 Billion

Provided by Statista

Although these stats are of the global HVAC market, this trend is similar in the U.S. as well. HVAC equipment shipping is an extremely delicate task. Many of the components that make up these systems are fragile. Even a minor amount of damage could cause equipment to become inoperable.  

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How To Prepare HVAC Equipment To Be Shipped

There are different practices that shippers will have to follow when transporting HVAC equipment. That said, practices will slightly vary based on the size of the units. Preparing shipments correctly will ensure that HVAC equipment is well protected from potential dangers that could cause it damage. 

Outdoor HVAC Units

Outdoor HVAC systems are the ones most familiar to homeowners and landlords. These units can be found attached to the outside of homes, apartments and many other buildings. An outdoor unit can be shipped one of two ways. 

These are:

  • Inside a crate
  • On a pallet

Crates are an excellent form of protection from external threats. However, they can be expensive and increase the weight of the load. Pallets are a cheaper and reliable alternative to crating. 

HVAC equipment will rest slightly above the ground when transported on a pallet. This prevents units from being damaged by water or other types of debris inside a trailer. Loading HVACs manually is difficult to do because of how heavy they are. Using pallets will make loading and unloading easier because a forklift will be able to lift them.

Regardless of whether HVAC equipment is palletized or crated, they should always travel within a cardboard box. A cardboard box provides a layer of protection from physical and cosmetic damage. There should also be plenty of packing material within the box so that the units have some extra cushioning. 

Packing materials can include:

  • Cardboard corner inserts
  • Cardboard buffers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Styrofoam 

These packing materials will act as an extra buffer between the equipment and any impacts that make contact with it while in transit. 

Rooftop HVAC Units

Rooftop HVAC equipment is extremely large compared to units that are used for homes and apartments. Rooftop HVACs are typically found on the roofs of larger buildings. These units can’t be crated or palletized due to their extremely large size.

Preparations for rooftop HVAC units are quite minimal. These units are designed to be sturdy since they’re exposed to all kinds of weather and climate conditions while on a roof. Nonetheless, rooftop HVAC units will need to be handled carefully when they’re being handled.

Since these units are too heavy for a forklift to pick up, crane services will be used for loading and unloading. Shippers of rooftop HVACs only need to make sure to make their equipment available for pickup. The crane service provider will be able to handle the rest.  

How To Transport HVAC Equipment

How To Transport HVAC Equipment

HVAC units that are transported by truck will likely travel in a dry van trailer or a flatbed trailer. Standard dry van trailers are large enough to carry multiple outdoor HVAC units within them. Rooftop HVACs, on the other hand, will need to be transported on flatbed trailers. Based on the size of a rooftop HVAC, shippers might be able to transport multiple units. 

 Some other benefits of having your freight hauled by truck include::

  • The ready availability of available trucks
  • The extensive U.S. Interstate System, which can reach anywhere in the lower 48 states
  • The cost in comparison to air

You’ll also want to pair with a reputable company that values your shipment. While third-party logistics companies offer cargo insurance and you’ll be reimbursed for damaged units due to driving or unloading error, it’s a waste of your valuable time to be partnered with a transporter who is constantly making those types of mistakes. 

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Additional Services for Shipping HVAC Equipment

There are many other logistical services that you can utilize when you need HVAC equipment shipping. With the help of a third-party logistics company, shippers can store their HVACs instead of delivering their goods directly to the final destination l.

While this might not be possible for larger rooftop units, outdoor units can definitely be stored within a 3PL warehouse. A 3PL can also give shippers the opportunity to utilize an inventory management system to accurately track where their unit is in the warehouse.

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Shipping HVAC Equipment with USA Truckload Shipping

When you require HVAC transportation services, USA truckload powered by R+L Global Logistics has you covered. We have connections with oversized carriers that can transport your freight anywhere in the country. 

Our network of carriers can transport wide range of freight such as:

  • Standard truckload freight
  • Hazardous materials
  • Expedited freight
  • White glove delivery

We guarantee that your shipment of oversized freight will arrive on time and without damage. Fill out your quote to begin the best oversized shipping experience you’ve ever had. If you have any questions about our services, contact our team at (866) 353-7178 for more information.

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