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Cool Tips for Shipping HVAC Equipment

Last Modified: November 29, 2022
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June 4, 2020
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No matter what time of the year it is, people are looking to moderate the temperature of the air inside their homes. While some times of the year are busier than others, the need for shipping HVAC equipment is an around-the-clock endeavor that never truly abates and always has orders to fill.

Shipping HVAC equipment, however, is a fairly straightforward process that should see you hit any snags, especially if you partner with an adept third-party logistics company. You’ll have to make sure your equipment meets some minimum requirements and that it is packed correctly. 

What Is HVAC Equipment?

What Is HVAC Equipment

HVAC, which is an acronym for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, is prevalent in one form or another throughout the United States. While some regions use more — in some cases, much more — over 100 million homes have air conditioning in some capacity. So the need for systems and their related parts is immense.

HVAC systems are known to improve indoor air quality and also regulate the amount of humidity inside whatever building it is cooling or heating. These also are known for cooling and heating air, depending on your day-to-day needs.

Looking beyond U.S. borders and the world as a whole shows that the 1.6 billion estimated air conditioners in 2018 are expected to jump to 5.6 billion by 2050. Someone needs to ship all these units and their associated accessories.

HVAC equipment is the systems themselves, whether it be a large central air unit outside the house or a smaller window unit meant to cool individual rooms. If you’ve ever had to explain foreign terms like solenoid or expansion valve to someone, you also know about the different aspects of an HVAC unit that might need to be repaired or replaced. 

Need to know more about heat exchanger trasnport? See the right freight partner can help.

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How To Prepare HVAC Equipment To Be Shipped

If you’re getting ready to ship an entire HVAC unit, regardless of its size, there are a few good practices to undertake to protect the large cost of production. Many HVAC units are outfitted with sturdy cardboard inserts to cover the corners, which also has the effect of serving as a buffer of sorts against damage to other parts.

Smaller window units usually are boxed and can be stacked on top of each other onto a pallet. They are then shrink-wrapped to prevent the boxes from falling off the pallet or even knocking into one another during transportation. Various parts for HVAC are also boxed and stacked on pallets or could even be small enough to be shipped in a van, depending on how big the order is. 

How To Transport HVAC Equipment

How To Transport HVAC Equipment

When worrying about shipping inside the U.S., the best mode of transportation for HVAC units is going to be via a big rig truck, more specifically an 18-wheeler. The benefits of having your freight hauled by this method are many:

  • The amount of HVAC units that can be included in one load
  • The ready availability of available trucks
  • The extensive U.S. Interstate System, which can reach anywhere in the lower 48 states
  • The cost in comparison to air

Rail, which is a capable competitor of truck transportation, still usually requires a truck to deliver it to and from the train stations. Using two or more modes of transport is called intermodal and is gaining traction as an effective way to get products from point A to point B. Still, to move your HVAC equipment, it’s a near certainty that you’ll be using a truck to haul it for all or part of its journey to reach customers.

You’ll also want to pair with a reputable company that values your shipment. While third-party logistics companies offer cargo insurance and you’ll be reimbursed for damaged units due to driving or unloading error, it’s a waste of your valuable time to be partnered with a transporter who is constantly making those types of mistakes. 

Additional Services for Shipping HVAC Equipment

While you’re undoubtedly focused on the basic shipment of your HVAC equipment from the factory to retailers or air conditioning businesses, using a third-party logistics company can be very helpful in other ways as well.

For instance, a third-party logistics company can offer warehousing solutions so your HVAC units can even be stored in a strategic location ahead of time and be readily available to fill demand at the time needed.

Furthermore, a logistics company like R+L Global Logistics can run the entire supply chain for your HVAC manufacturing business once it leaves your factories. This includes storage in a warehouse, utilizing an inventory management system to accurately track what you have in storage and even order fulfillment, which means we will ship your products to the customer or retailer directly on your behalf.

Looking for a solution to move truckload freight? R+L Global Logistics handles truckload shipping. Let us know when and we'll handle the rest.

Shipping HVAC Equipment with R+L Global Logistics

When you’re ready to commence shipping HVAC equipment, put in a call to the experts at R+L Global Logistics. We are a leader in the third-party logistics space and can give you quick, excellent transportation for your shipment either domestically or internationally.

Some of the items included with every R+L Global Logistics shipment are real-time freight visibility so at any given moment, you can see exactly where the truck carrying your goods is in the world. Also provided complimentary is our stellar customer service, which can assist you at any time, even if you just have general questions.

We are also proud of our 99.5 percent on-time rate for all shipments, and you can be further comforted by our strong commitment to making sure your freight shows up to its destination in excellent shape.

R+L Global Logistics also offers additional services such as expedited shipping, which carries an additional fee, but guarantees a shorter shipping time than standard service for those times where a customer needs a part ASAP.

If you’re now prepared to begin shipping HVAC equipment, call the professionals at R+L Global at 866.353.7178 for a free quote and to learn more about the R+L difference.

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