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Freight Shipping from Utah to California

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Utah Freight Covers the Golden State

Working to handle freight shipping from Utah to California is the job of R+L Global Logistics every day. California is a big state so whether freight is traveling almost 700 miles from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles or St. George to San Francisco our mission is to get it there on time.
Freight Shipping from Utah to California - View of Downtown Salt lake City, Utah
Freight Shipping from Utah to California
Freight Shipping from Utah to California - Aerial View of Tower Bridge in Sacramento, California

The road from Utah to California could take Interstate 80 from Salt Lake City to reach the northern region of California. Then Interstate 15 bisects Utah and leads to southern California. Either route plays an important part in the overall success of getting freight shipments from Utah to California. Regardless of where the freight is destined in California, R+L Global Logistics is the right company for the job.

In preparing a freight quote to get a load from Utah to California, let our brokers know what commodity the load includes and where it’s going. Our freight brokers are quite familiar with navigating this part of the country. When freight must arrive promptly, there is no time for missteps along the way. R+L Global Logistics is strategically located throughout the United States to provide the most comprehensive and seamless service.

R+L Global Logistics shipping services includes:

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The Price of Shipping from Utah to California

We know shippers don’t have time to be nickel and dimed when focused on getting freight delivered. R+L Global Logistics will provide inclusive freight quotes that takes the distance into account along with other requested service needs. Why not trust your freight on this busy lane to the professionals at R+L Global Logistics?

The agents with R+L Global Logistics work closely with shippers to provide a shipping quote to ensure freight from Utah makes the trip to California without any challenges. It’s easy to ship with R+L Global Logistics from pick up to delivery. Shippers can be confident their freight is in excellent condition throughout the journey with the ability to track their shipment.

Leading freight from Utah includes:
Freight Shipping from Utah to California Copper
Freight Shipping from Utah to California Salt
Freight Shipping from Utah to California Coal
Ready to obtain freight shipping quotes from Utah to California? Give one of our agents the details of the shipment and they will handle the rest. The R+L Global Logistics team is quite familiar with both Utah and California and knows what it takes to get freight from the shores of the Great Salt Lake to the coastline of the Pacific Ocean.
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Advantage of Freight Shipping with R+L Global Logistics

R+L Global Logistics is a family-owned company with a vast network of partners. Shippers can trust their Utah to California freight transportation needs to us. We take great care to transport safely and consistently on-time. R+L Global Logistics offers competitive rates to ship freight from Utah to California or anywhere else. The job of shipping truckload freight is one we take seriously day in and day out with every customer.
Advantages of shipping with R+L Global Logistics include:
Financial Strength
Flexibility to Meet Customer Needs
Multilingual Specialists
Real-time Freight Visibility
99.5% On-Time Delivery
Freight Shipping from Utah to California Semi Truck on the Highway
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Partnership Has Privileges with R+L Global Logistics

R+L Global Logistics knows the industry and partners with customers to get freight delivered. While some may consider on-time delivery too much to ask in the fast-paced world of freight shipping; it is a priority for us daily to provide quality service each step of the way.

We also accommodate requests for additional services which include:
White Glove
Oversized Freight
Trade Show Shipping
Dry Van
Freight Shipping from Utah to California Yellow Semi Truck on the Highway

R+L Global Logistics is here to help shippers find the most cost effective solution for freight shipping from Utah to California. Rely on our shipping experts to get your freight across the country between Utah and California delivered on time.

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