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How to Ship Glassware Without Shattering Expectations

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Shipping fragile items have an inherent risk of damage. If you want to know how to ship glassware so that you can take preventative measures to ensure the safety of your delicate packages, this guide can help.
Published: January 26, 2022
Last Modified: August 28, 2023
Author: Jacob Lee

Determining how to ship glassware can be a stressful experience for anybody. Regardless of the shape it takes, glassware is extremely fragile. And depending on the way it’s packed will determine whether or not it will arrive at its destination intact. 

Shipping glassware requires using two boxes and plenty of packing materials. Start by placing your glassware in the first box. Once sealed, the first box holding the glassware will be secured inside the second box for safer transport. Costs to ship glassware will vary depending on the weight of your shipment.  

Shipping glassware is a delicate process that requires the utmost care. In this article, we will show you all the procedures you need to follow to get your glassware to its destination safely.

What Is The Safest Way to Ship Glassware?

Glassware in box container

Regardless of the type of glass you plan on shipping, it’s likely extremely fragile. Many shippers make the mistake of not securing their glass properly when they ship. They either don’t use enough packing material to secure their glassware or use a box that is too thin. 

When you pack your glassware, the best thing to do is to use two boxes, tape and various packing materials. When shipments are making their journey to their destination they often bounce around in the trailer or truck transporting them. 

Firmly packing your glassware will prevent damage from occurring during this part of the shipping process.

1. What You’ll Need To Transport Glass

To transport glass, you will need a few different types of packing material. Those materials are:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Partitions (if shipping multiple pieces of glassware)
  • Packing paper or old newspaper
  • Packing peanuts or air pillows
  • One small cardboard box and one larger cardboard box
  • Packing tape

If you are shipping glass bottles with liquid inside of them, you should wrap them in a plastic bag. Using a plastic bag will protect both boxes from liquid if your bottles break.

2. Wrap Your Glassware

Start by wrapping your glassware with some packing paper or some old newspaper. Don’t wrap too much paper around it, just enough to keep it secure. Use tape to seal the paper around your glassware. 

After applying paper to the glassware, repeat the same process with bubble wrap. Wrap your glassware two to four times so that it will be protected by multiple layers of bubble wrap.  

Partitions are a great packing material to use when shipping multiple pieces of glassware. These will separate each piece of glassware and prevent your glass items from bouncing into each other. 

3. Pack The Glass Into Two Different Boxes

While you can use only one box to ship your glassware, using two different boxes to pack your glassware will give your shipment extra protection. One of the boxes needs to be smaller than the other box. 

The smaller box will be the one you pack your glassware in. Once you have finished packing your glassware you can seal the box.

Before placing the smaller box into the larger one, use packing materials to fill in any space inside the larger box. You can use packing peanuts, air pillows or bubble wrap to fill in loose spaces.  

4. Seal and Label Each Box

Sealing each box is essential, even for the smaller box that will go into the larger one. If the larger box ends up getting damaged, your smaller box will still need to have identifiable information. 

Each box will need a shipping label placed on it. Indicating the contents of your box is essential to ensure that it’s handled carefully.  Therefore, you should put a warning like “Fragile” or “Handle With Care” in large lettering on every side of each box. 

Regulations For Shipping Glassware

There are no real regulations that you will have to worry about when determining how to ship glassware. Glass might be fragile, but it generally is not hazardous.

However, what does matter is what your glassware is carrying inside of it. For example, certain shippers like USPS won’t transport glass bottles that are carrying alcohol in them. 

Other than this small discrepancy, you will be able to use just about any carrier that you want to ship your glassware items.

USA Truckload Shipping offers shipping options for freight of all shapes and sizes. Request a free freight quote from us and find out how we can get your shipment of glassware on the road.

How Expensive is Shipping Glassware?

Glass in bubble wrap

When choosing how to ship glassware, you have to determine how a few factors will impact cost. Mainly, it depends on the dimensions, weight and the destination that you want to send your glassware to. 

Shipping companies will measure the dimensions and weight of the box being shipped. The higher measurement is often the number that is applied to the total cost of the shipment. 

You can measure the dimensions of your box of glassware by measuring it yourself. To do this, simply multiply the length, width and height of the package your glassware is in. 

After you get that number, you can divide it by a divisor. The divisor is different across shipping companies. To determine your package’s weight you can use a scale. 

The next factor that contributes to the price of your shipment is the distance it will travel from where it’s shipped to where it will arrive. Insurance and delivery times can be other factors that impact shipping costs. 

Packages are shipped through numbered shipping zones. The further you want to send your shipment of glassware, the higher the shipping zone number will be. Shipping zones with higher numbers will be more expensive. 

As an example, the table below will show you how much it would cost to send an eight-pound box of a 12 piece cup set through various shipping zones.

Shipping ZoneCost to Ship 8 Pound Box
Shipping Zone 1$7.05
Shipping Zone 2$7.15
Shipping Zone 3$7.30
Shipping Zone 4$7.45
Shipping Zone 5$7.50
Shipping Zone 6$7.65
Shipping Zone 7$7.80
Shipping Zone 8$7.95

The table above is just an example, but many shippers use one similar to this to determine the costs of shipment. Other carriers have calculators where you can put in the weight and distance you want to ship your package that will provide you with the amount your shipment will cost.

Insurance and delivery can also affect the total cost of your shipment. However, getting shipping insurance and paying more for a faster delivery are optional.

When you ship goods, there’s always the risk that something could end up delaying your shipment. Damage or items being stuck in transit can affect how much you spend. 

Can I Attach My Glassware Packaging to A Pallet?

Stacked pallets

You can ship glassware using pallets. This is a great way to ship any item in bulk including glassware. 

However, there are safety precautions you should take when you stack a pallet. The best method for stacking boxes onto pallets is to start by stacking the heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter and fragile boxes on the top. 

While your glassware is secured by two boxes and plenty of packing materials, you should still place fragile glass items like these on the top of the stack. The only exception to this rule is if an entire pallet is stacked with packages full of glassware. 

If you don’t send bulk shipments of glassware then your box will be loaded using the non-palletized or floor-loaded method. 

For more information about non-palletized freight, check out our article Non-Palletized Freight: What Is It and How Is It Shipped?

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