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How to Ship Isopropyl Alcohol

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Shipping isopropyl alcohol can be a daunting task. There are numerous regulations to comply with. R+L Global Logistics can help you safely ship this sensitive product.
Published: April 9, 2020
Last Modified: August 28, 2023
Author: Ask Truckload

In the difficult times of today’s world, it’s essential to get important medical and cleaning products to the people that need them most. Isopropyl alcohol should then be considered a high priority item. This is due to its use as both a cleaning solution and medical supply.  If you’re looking to ship isopropyl alcohol in bulk quantities, there are important details you need to know. 

Shipping isopropyl alcohol must be done with careful planning and consideration. Isopropyl alcohol is considered a hazardous material according to the PHMSA and DOT. When shipping it, hazardous materials shipping guidelines must be followed. R+L Global Logistics can ship isopropyl alcohol for you and guide you through all of the regulations. 

Our in-depth guide below provides all of the necessary details to successfully ship this valuable commodity. 

Is Isopropyl Alcohol a Dangerous Good?

Is Isopropyl Alcohol a Dangerous Good

As briefly mentioned above, isopropyl alcohol is considered a hazardous material. This is according to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration(PHMSA). It’s categorized under class 3 which contains flammables and combustible liquids

The implications of isopropyl alcohol being classified as a hazardous material are important. First, this means that all hazardous materials shipping guidelines must be followed. This includes proper labeling, handling, and more. Second, items containing isopropyl alcohol as an active ingredient are also subject to these guidelines. There are numerous products that this applies to.

Isopropyl alcohol is an ingredient in:

  • Many types of hand sanitizer
  • Swimmer’s ear medication 
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Various types of cleaners

For many shippers, this means verifying the contents of products being shipped. The easiest way to do this is to look at the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the goods. This is a document provided by the manufacturer or distributor. The SDS includes details on chemical properties, protective measures, and storage and transportation recommendations. 

If you’re shipping medical supplies alongside your isopropyl alcohol during this time, you’re not alone. R+L Global Logistics is experienced in shipping all types of products for our clients. If you’re retooling your factory to produce medical supplies, we can even assist in the transportation of heavy equipment. We’re here to answer your questions and get your freight where it needs to go quickly and safely.

Regulations and Packaging for Shipping Isopropyl Alcohol

The majority of hazardous material regulations and packaging recommendations go hand in hand. This is because many of the regulations apply directly to how the products are packaged. 

Most of the regulations are found within Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Rules and guidelines cover a wide range of topics from labeling to weight limits and more. Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the regulations and what you need to do to comply with them. 

1. Use the proper Hazmat label for your goods. 

As mentioned above, isopropyl alcohol is categorized as a class 3 hazardous material. This classification comes into play when labeling your products for shipping. Each hazardous materials class has its own corresponding shipping label that must be used. Using the incorrect label can lead to minor fines. Forgetting to use a label at all has more serious consequences including large fines and seized freight. 

2. Limit product movement while in transit. 

This is a shared responsibility between the shipper and carrier. When packing the products into an outer package, they need to be packed densely. There should be no room for movement during transit. Additionally, if the packages are palletized, the weight needs to be distributed evenly along with proper shrink wrapping.

During loading, carriers ensure that there is a proper weight balance in the trailer. This ensures that products won’t shift or move while the vehicle is in motion. Carriers will also use load bars to prevent pallets of products from moving.

3. Follow guidelines for limited quantity packages

Shipping smaller amounts of isopropyl alcohol may qualify your shipment as a limited quantity package. This designation exempts you from some of shipping regulations that apply to larger shipments. However, quantity and weight limits apply in order to qualify. 

To qualify as a limited quantity package, the individual units containing isopropyl alcohol cannot exceed 66 lbs. Depending on the packing group of your goods, there is also a limit on the amount of isopropyl alcohol contained in the product. Products that have a concentration of 10 to 30% fall into packing group 3 and can have no more than 1.3 gallons inside. Above 30% concentration products are classified as packing group 2 and can contain no more than 0.3 gallons in each container. 

There are additional regulations that can come into play depending on the size and concentration of your shipment. R+L Global Logistics is here to answer all of your questions and help you understand the rules and requirements. 

Isoprpyl alcohol can be using to sanitize surfaces and can be used in cleaning products. Learn more about freight shipping cleaning products.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Isopropyl Alcohol?

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Isopropyl Alcohol

When it comes to determining the cost of your isopropyl alcohol shipment, a number of factors are at work. Perhaps the most obvious detail is how far your shipment is travelling. Naturally, shipping from Florida to California will incur a higher cost than shipping from Florida to Texas for example. However, it’s worth noting that some companies have specific routes on which their vehicles travel regularly. These are often referred to as freight lanes. 

When companies have dedicated freight lanes, the cost to ship between two distant points can often be cheaper. R+L Global Logistics operates numerous freight lanes within the U.S. that allow us to provide you with more competitive rates than what you might find elsewhere.

Next, depending on whether your shipment qualifies as a limited quantity package or not can affect costs. If your shipment is not a limited quantity package, it will need to be handled by drivers with hazardous material training and certification. Extra care and precaution is needed along with additional liability which comes with an increased rate.

Lastly, you’ll likely want to consider purchasing additional insurance when you ship isopropyl alcohol. While all freight shipments are covered by a carrier’s liability insurance, it’s always a safe bet to cover your goods even further. Most shipping companies and 3PL’s, including R+L Global Logistics, offer additional shipping insurance in-house. This is a convenient option vs having to contact another company and adding one more point of contact.

When you get a freight shipping quote from R+L Global Logistics, we’ll answer all of your questions. Our quote process is transparent and hassle-free making everything easy and quick.

Choosing the Right Shipping Company

Once you understand the ins and outs of shipping isopropyl alcohol, all you need to do is find the right company to ship it. Choosing a shipping partner can be a daunting process, especially when shipping a sensitive commodity like isopropyl alcohol. Luckily, finding the right shipping company doesn’t have to be complicated. There are certain boxes to check off when discussing your shipment(s) with shipping providers.

Look for shipping companies that offer the following:

  • Additional transportation & logistics services- Some companies simply ship goods from point A to point B. Others take care of shipping and much more. Services like customs brokerage, warehousing, and order fulfillment are just a few that you may find. Working with a company that can manage multiple aspects of your supply chain simplifies your job. Rather than communicating with multiple companies, everything is streamlined through one. You can often secure more affordable rates when combining more than one service as well.
  • Help gathering quotes- Reaching out to various companies and obtaining quotes can be a time-consuming headache of a process. Thankfully, some companies reduce the complexity of this process by doing the legwork. This is thanks to pre-established relationships between 3PL’s and multiple shipping partners. 
  • Full freight transparency- Knowing where your shipment is at all times can be vital to your situation. If you need this service, be sure the company you choose has it.
  • Multiple shipping options- Many companies specialize in expedited shipping, guaranteed shipping, and more. Having options to choose from allows you to make the best decision possible. For example, if you need a shipment delivered between specific hours, you’ll need a partner that offers guaranteed shipping.

A reliable, high-quality shipping partner will offer all of this. R+L Global Logistics provides all of the above and much more. Our clients and customers continue to choose us thanks to our top-level customer service and wide range of services.

Shipping Isopropyl Alcohol With R+L Global Logistics

Shipping isopropyl alcohol requires a shipping partner with proven knowledge and experience. R+L Global Logistics is up to the task and ready to manage all of your logistics and transportation needs. We handle your sensitive products with the utmost care so you can sit back and relax knowing that it’s safe and secure. We only work with the best hazmat carriers on the road today to provide the best service possible.

Our services go beyond shipping your goods from point A to point B. We’ll handle all aspects of your supply chain so that you can remain focused on your core business. From warehousing and fulfillment to customs brokerage and reverse logistics, we’ll handle it all. 

When you’re ready to move forward, call our transportation and logistics experts at (866) 353-7178. We’re available to answer all of your questions and get your freight moving.

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