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An accessorial charge that’s applied to a shipment when a shipper incorrectly identifies the freight class of their goods.

What is Reclassification?

This charge is added to an invoice when the carrier must reclassify and reweigh the load. This charge most commonly applies to LTL transportation services. 

For example, if the correct details were not provided for NMFC classification, then the carrier will need to rework your order, taking up extra time and resources. It’s important that the correct information is provided beforehand, as the weight, class, and dimensions of the load all play a part in determining final charges. 

These details also play a critical role in how the truck is loaded. Improper classification can result in reclassification charges, but it can also result in damaged freight. 

For instance, if something were stacked on top of a fragile item that would not have been if the classification were correct from the start.  

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