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Freight shipping from Ohio is big business, where all kinds of commodities are on the move. The Buckeye State produces a wide variety of both agricultural and industrial products, and this creates many opportunities for cargo and freight to travel in and out of the state via truckload shipping.

Ohio is a top agricultural producing state. It ranks 6th nationally for production of soybeans, with nearly 300 million bushels of the crop coming from Ohio fields and farmers in 2018. Corn is another major cash crop in Ohio, with 40 percent of the corn produced here going to ethanol production. Dairy products are also a big deal in Ohio, as dairy sales from Ohio added up to $1 billion in 2018.

Ohio is also an industrial destination. Automotive, steel and small appliance manufacturing dominate in production here. With so many agricultural commodities and a robust manufacturing sector, Ohio’s highways are buzzing with truckload shipments coming in and out of the state. With so much movement, it’s important to partner with a strategic logistics company to keep the supply chain strong.

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