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If you need freight shipping from New Jersey to California, you need R+L Global Logistics. This cross-country journey spans nearly 3,000 miles. R+L Global Logistics can match you with a carrier who is prepared to get your goods on the go and make the long haul.

When freight travels from New Jersey to California, it might cross ten or eleven states and lots of varied terrain. The Garden State and The Golden State are both major transportation hubs, so many kinds of freight make the journey daily. Get freight shipping from New Jersey to California with a logistics provider you can count on every step of the way. When R+L Global Logistics is a member of your team, you can rest assured that your freight will make the lengthy journey in good condition in good time.

Truckload Shipping from New Jersey to California

New Jersey has a unique economy. Both agriculture and manufacturing are big businesses and this means a wide variety of freight travels between New Jersey and California by the truckload.

Both California and New Jersey are nerve centers for high-tech manufacturing. In fact, two-thirds of all manufacturing in New Jersey qualifies as advanced. The products produced in New Jersey are highly technical and can support the tech industry in California.

You’ll find a number of major manufacturers in New Jersey, ranging from food and beverage maker to top tech companies. Some of the manufacturers in New Jersey include: Anheuser-Busch, BASF, Benjamin Moore Paints, Campbell’s Soup Company, Crestron Electronics, Diamond Chemical, Konica Minolta, Lockheed Martin, Mars Chocolate, Panasonic, Sharp Electronics and Wenner Bread.

In addition to booming industry and production, New Jersey’s farmlands and rural areas also produce many commodities that bring big money into the state. Ocean Spray gets 95% of its cranberries from New Jersey farms. The garden center at your local home improvement store is likely stocked with plants from the Garden State, as many nursery and greenhouse products grow there. New Jersey is also the seventh largest producer of tomatoes in the country, with one variety of the red vegetable named after the state’s famed Rutgers University. Other agricultural commodities coming from New Jersey include apples, corn and soybeans.

Mix together this varied list of products and commodities and you get a diverse list of goods that move by the truckload from New Jersey to California:

No matter whether your freight is leaving a plant in Camden, NJ, or a farm in Chatsworth, NJ, you can rely on R+L Global Logistics to get it to California on time and in great condition. We work with the best carriers in the business and can provide simple shipping solutions for your company and commodity.

Benefits of Shipping Freight with R+L Global Logistics

Working with R+L Global Logistics means more than building a strategic partnership. It also means you’re gaining access to a family-owned company dedicated to going above and beyond for our customers. Regardless of your shipping situation, we can provide flexible options that work for you.

Additional benefits of freight shipping from New Jersey to California with R+L Global Logistics include:

Financial Strength
Flexibility to Meet Customer Needs
Multilingual Specialists
Real-time Freight Visibility
99.5% On-Time Delivery

Let the experts at R+L Global Logistics guide you through the freight shipping process. We can give you easy solutions for freight shipping from New Jersey to California, no matter whether you’re shipping canned soup or cranberries or anything in between. Get a truckload freight quote from us today!

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Freight Shipments from New Jersey to California

R+L Global Logistics offers the services you need to get your freight going between New Jersey and California. No matter whether your goods require temperature controlled shipping or simply dry van service, we promise to deliver.

Basic shipping services offered by R+L Global Logistics include:

Expert Consulting
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Expedited Freight Services
Drayage ServicesDrayage Services
White Glove ShippingWhite Glove Shipping
Hazmat CarriersHazmat Transportation Services

With competitive pricing and outstanding customer service, working with R+L Global Logistics makes sense (and cents) for your business.

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