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When it’s time to prepare freight for shipping from Iowa, R+L Global Logistics is the best solution for the job. As one of the Corn Belt states, Iowa is known for a number of agricultural commodities including corn, soybeans and oats to name a few. The once traditional base of mostly agriculture in Iowa has evolved into food processing, chemical production and manufacturing. Iowa is home to several giants in the food processing industry. Since much of this freight needs to ship quickly by refrigerated truck, R+L Global Logistics is ready to make the delivery.

The diverse list of freight heading out of the Hawkeye State will be delivered around the country. It all translates into a constant flow of truckloads of Iowa freight. Let our professional freight brokers know what needs to ship, the point of origin and the delivery point and we’ll take care of the rest. Working with a network of trusted carriers, R+L Global Logistics is able to provide competitive quotes and excellent customer service.

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