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Shipping Freight from Maine

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New England’s Freight is Loaded Up and Ready to Ship

When it comes to shipping freight from Maine to destinations around the country, the New England region can present challenges for shippers. However, R+L Global Logistics knows the area well and can navigate the Pine Tree State with ease. Maine is home to one of the nation’s oldest apparel brands along with a varied list of products.

Shipping Freight from Maine
Shipping Freight from Maine
Shipping Freight from Maine

The state is bordered by Canada to the north and Vermont to the southwest and is well known for Maine lobster which is shipped to markets and restaurants across the country. In addition, shipping freight from Maine includes truckloads of maple syrup and maple sugar along with dairy products, commodity crops and wood products just to name a few. When shippers join forces with R+L Global Logistics, they gain access to a wealth of services to handle shipping freight from Maine.

R+L Global Logistics shipping services include:

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