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Freight Shipping from Idaho

The one commodity most people know shipping from Idaho is potatoes. An Idaho potato is kind of a name brand, the stamp of approval if you will, a trusted label. The state is known as a top producer of potatoes that are shipped around the country. Idaho also has a list of other goods crossing the state line to fulfill market demands. This is where R+L Global Logistics can become an asset to shippers who need excellent solutions to move products.

Idaho’s network of interstates in the southern region covers manufacturing hubs situated near cities like Boise, Nampa, and Meridian along with Idaho Falls and Twin Fall. The R+L Global Logistics team is quite knowledgeable about the Pacific Northwest region where Idaho is an increasing catalyst for shipping. The type of goods shipping from Idaho includes processed foods, wood and paper products, along with electronics.

When working with R+L Global Logistics, shippers will have access to a wealth of resources to get their freight delivered on time around the country. Whether it’s a refrigerated truckload of barrel cheese going from Idaho Falls to Las Vegas, R+L Global Logistics provides competitive quotes to get the job done.
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