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Freight Shipping from Arkansas

Shipping from Arkansas to other states around the country is easy to handle from the home of the Ozark Mountains and a number of Fortune 500 countries. Arkansas, which blends with the southern United States along with a bit of the Midwest, contributes a vast amount of goods from crops to mining into the supply chain that fuels the nation. R+L Global Logistics is uniquely situated in this part of the country with a vast network of trusted carriers to handle the load.

The location of Arkansas puts the state in a good position to quickly transport freight to high demand regions of the country such as Texas, the largest state in the Continental United States. The Natural State, as it’s known, borders Missouri to the north and Texas to the south. Arkansas is crisscrossed by Interstate 30 which has a direct route to the Texas border. Truckloads of goods such as poultry, soybeans, processed food items, and paper products are just a small list of freight crossing the Arkansas state line on a daily basis. Our freight brokers work closely with shippers to offer competitive quotes and consistent solutions.
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