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What You Need to Know About Inside Delivery

Last Modified: November 30, 2020
Inside delivery takes place when a freight shipment is delivered to the door of a commercial facility or residence. Get a quote for inside delivery from an expert.


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February 3, 2020
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Sometimes you just need to make sure the shipment actually gets all the way to the final destination. In this case, you need to know about inside delivery for your products and the benefits it could have for your business.

Inside delivery takes place when a freight shipment is delivered to the door of a commercial facility or residence. Knowing the difference between inside delivery compared to other types will be a big help, and also what it is and the associated fees in paying for such a service. You can compare inside delivery to other delivery methods, including liftgate and white glove.

Read more below to get a better handle on inside delivery and see how it could be exactly what you need for your freight. 

What is Considered Inside Delivery For Freight

What is Considered Inside Delivery For FreightThere are certain scenarios where a loading dock is unavailable or not preferable. This is where an inside delivery service for freight would come into play.

An inside delivery in freight shipping as far as businesses go is when a freight carrier will unload the product a few feet inside the door of its destination. This is for shipped goods that do not need to be broken down or further processed by the driver. If your goods are on a pallet, for instance, it needs to fit through the available entryway or it is not a candidate for inside delivery.

For inside delivery to a residential address, which is more rare than to a business, it is a bit different. Because palletized freight has little to no chance of fitting inside a home — or at least a standard residential entrance way — alternative spots are used for the products’ final destination. 

A residential delivery will most likely happen onto a porch, deck, garage or driveway. This is for ease of use for the freight shipment and also allows the carrier to avoid any liability issues that would come from entering the home to make such a drop-off. An example would be damaged walls from moving wide freight through narrow hallways.

Also, for each type of service, the plan should be agreed on beforehand for how the freight is to be dropped. Any deviation could result in an additional delivery charge or a company’s refusal to make the delivery.

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Inside Delivery vs Liftgate

If there is no shipping dock or forklift available to unload the valuable product, but it is still palletized or just very heavy, hiring a freight truck with a liftgate for the delivery location might be the way to go for you.

A liftgate is a foldable metal platform on the back of a truck or dry van trailer that allows goods to be easily unloaded from the truck to the ground. This is also ideal for unloading freight stress-free to a spot where things might be tight or less maneuverable.

Residential deliveries are also done more easily, because the vehicle in question is going to be smaller and hopefully easier to finagle in tighter quarters than a business would hypothetically have.  

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Inside Delivery vs White Glove

Inside Delivery vs White GloveInside delivery has already been described in detail, so let’s discuss white glove service and the ways in which it differs from inside delivery.

White glove delivery requires special services where the freight shipper will individually package, ship and deliver the goods exactly how the customer asks. An example of this would be a floral arrangement.

The shipper would drive the flowers right to a business or workplace, take the package out, deliver it inside the building directly to the right person and even unbox the item for the recipient. Prior to delivery, the product might receive more in-depth treatment, such as being secured to the vehicle itself to greatly limit the chance of damage.

The person responsible for the white glove service is a trained expert in how to handle any kind of goods that people would want to send. There is usually an additional level of customer service and precision to white glove service.

But at the end of the day, inside delivery and white glove are serving different clientele. Inside delivery is made more for palletized merchandise that goes the extra step. White glove delivery is for smaller, more specialized goods that require more care throughout the entire process.

Inside Delivery Fee

The fees for inside delivery depend solely on what exactly is being asked for during the final movement of freight. For a standard inside delivery, you’re generally talking about a flat surface with ample room to enter and the goods being placed a few feet inside the door at a business.

Unless previously discussed, the freight carrier will deliver but not be required to use their equipment in a way outside its normal use to complete the transaction. Nor can they be expected to bring the freight up stairs or through narrow hallways. The delivery can be refused to be made, or there can be additional fees. These are all considered extraordinary functions.

Furthermore, the same would apply for taking the freight deeper into the building or onto an elevator. It is imperative during the booking process to make it clear what your expectations are as the owner of the freight and if it’s something that can reasonably done. Unless the situation being asked for is dangerous to the driver or has a high potential for damage to the freight or the building the freight is delivered to, it’s probably doable.

Need to Ship Freight?

If your delivery is currently on the outside looking in, just call the trusted experts at R+L Global Logistics to get that freight on an inside delivery schedule.

We have experienced drivers who can work a pallet jack and get your freight exactly where you want it to go. Real-time freight visibility is included, along with our on-time rate of 99.5 %, to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Additional services include:

  • White glove service
  • International shipping
  • Dry van trailer with liftgate
  • Expedited shipping
  • Supply chain management
  • And more…

For those times when you have questions arise, our customer service team is standing by to deal with all queries. So when you’re ready to have your freight shipped via inside delivery (or any other method), get a free, no-strings-attached freight quote from R+L Global Logistics by calling (866) 353-7178.

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