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What is Last Mile Delivery?

Last Modified: September 16, 2020
What is last mile delivery? See how the right freight partner can deliver your goods and wow your customers. Get a shipping quote today!


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September 16, 2020
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Imagine waiting for a shipment of goods and getting a notification that your freight is in limbo or missing somewhere between the distribution center and the point of destination. What do you do? The key to your last point of delivery success is having a last mile delivery service that you trust to get your shipments delivered on time. 

It’s extremely important that you have a trusted logistics transportation partner you can trust to handle your last mile delivery needs. So, what is last mile delivery? It’s the transport of goods from a transportation hub (mail facility, warehouse, etc.) to the final destination (your office, your home, etc.). The focal point of last mile delivery is to get your items delivered to the destination point safely, quickly and the most cost effective way possible. A good last mile delivery service helps you save time and money. 

How Can I Improve Last Mile Delivery? 

So how can you improve your last mile delivery service? Here’s some tips to use that can help: 

  • Make sure you as the customer are in control. You want to pick a logistics provider that allows you to choose your delivery date. 
  • Real-time visibility. You also want real-time visibility to make sure you can watch your freight and where it’s at along its journey to you. Tracking items is important. 
  • Prevent packages from being lost. Make sure you have a company that uses tracking to monitor all of its packages to make sure nothing is left behind at the distribution warehouse or on the truck. 

Last Mile Delivery Tracking

Last mile delivery tracking should give you, as the customer, control of your package using tracking technologies. There are typical two different kinds of last mile carrier tracking technologies: 

  • Last-mile tracking for customers gives you access to real-time technology to watch your package sprint to its destination from a warehouse hub to your door. 
  • Last mile tracking for carriers gives the transportation business a view of the packages on their end to allow their logistics professionals to keep track and provide you with updates. 
Need a special touch? White glove delivery service goes above and beyond for your customers.

Last Mile Delivery Costs

Last Mile Delivery Costs

Last mile delivery costs vary by each transportation carrier. To reduce your last mile delivery costs you should: 

  • Review shipping costs and ask about a freight provider’s last mile delivery options. 
  • Make sure transportation companies you are using have good delivery options in the Midwest, urban areas and rural areas. 
  • Review auto-dispatching and communication options that logistics providers are using for your shipments. 
  • Make sure your last mile delivery personnel are optimizing your freight for time, location, driver capacity and traffic factors. 
  • Verify that delivery confirmation is available. 
  • Confirm that real-time updates on shipments are available to you as a customer. 

How to Handle Last Mile Delivery Problems

The boom of eCommerce orders has created a strain on the delivery chain nationwide for some delivery companies. To make sure you don’t have any last mile delivery problems and other issues that arrive, keep track of the following:


Almost 30 percent of a delivery cost comes from the last mile delivery. Isn’t that crazy? Knowing this, make sure you review costs closely with transportation providers to make sure your freight is being moved in the most cost effective way possible. 


Full time visibility is an ongoing theme here. As a customer, you should have the ability to monitor and track a shipment’s progress, while having the ability to lak to a live agent to discuss any issues that come up. 

Maximum Efficiency

The desire for faster deliveries is huge right now as customers demand their ecommerce packages as soon as possible. Make sure you have logistics professionals that are mapping out the most efficient routes possible for your goods. 

Friction-Less Delivery

In the transportation business, you want the least amount of friction possible for your deliveries. In this industry a friction-less delivery means one that allows the package to go through the least number of stops and hands as possible, using technology to track an efficient delivery process.  

Need a special touch? White glove delivery service goes above and beyond for your customers.

Last Mile Delivery Business Model That Works

The goal of the last mile delivery business model is to get the item delivered to you as quickly as possible in the last mile. The last mile’s total share in delivery cost can make up almost 50 percent of the total cost. 

The business model includes: 

  • Requests of orders online
  • Goods from a manufacturing line or a supplier arrive at the transportation hub or warehouse
  • Truckload shipping and tracking are formulated based on routes
  • Items are scanned for loading onto delivery vehicles
  • Proof of delivery is confirmed 

Last Mile Delivery Apps

There are a variety of last mile delivery apps designed by logistics professionals to help consumers and logistics providers have visibility and efficiency when tracking last mile delivery packages. 

Always check with your freight provider to see what kind of last mile delivery apps and/or real-time visibility and live agent services are available that make you feel comfortable with the transportation services provided. 

Last Mile Delivery Solutions

The best last mile delivery solutions come with companies that offer the following services: 

  • Optimal locations around the country near major cities and highways
  • Logistics buildings and warehouses that are safe and structurally sound
  • Buildings and warehouses with high ceilings
  • The ability to cross-dock shipments, which means receiving goods at one facility and immediately loading them up for route to another destination point. 
Need a special touch? White glove delivery service goes above and beyond for your customers.

Choosing a Last Mile Shipping Partner

Choosing a Last Mile Shipping Partner

As you can tell there are so many variables that go into making your delivery process seamless, especially that very important last mile delivery tracking process. You need a transportation network you can trust with a carrier that offers the services you need to get the job done right and delivered on time! 

Look for a shipping partner that offers: 

  • Shipment tracking
  • Expedited services
  • Access to live agents
  • Real Time visibility
  • A strong carrier network
  • Logistics professionals that streamline the route

White Glove Delivery Service is the Key to Last Mile Solutions

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. To ensure your freight is delivered on time and that last mile delivery is perfect, you need to look for freight partners that offer white glove delivery service. The white glove delivery service at R+L Global Logistics gives you access to unparalleled customer service. 

The individualized service you are provided with white glove delivery ensures your last mile delivery is seamless and you have access to your shipment from Point A to Point B. 

With glove delivery service, we: 

  • Exceed expectations for our customers
  • Go the extra mile, especially for that last mile!
  • Offer specialized service for special shipments
  • Take extra care with each load

Let R+L Global Handle Your Last Mile Delivery Logistics Solutions

Customer expectations are important and that’s why you’ll experience the difference with R+L Global Logistics. We offer individualized services that include real-time visibility at fulfillment centers, truckload freight options and 3PL logistics services that ensure your goods come the most cost-effective way with supply chain management that matters. 

Reach out to us today at 866-353-7178 and connect with a live agent to receive a truckload freight quote today. We promise we have the quotes and dependable service you need to make sure your business and home delivery, including that last mile, is perfect!

Need a special touch? White glove delivery service goes above and beyond for your customers.
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