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What Is Heated Trucking?

Last Modified: November 3, 2022
Heated trucking maximizes peak harvest seasons. It’s easy to arrange. Obtain a temperature-controlled freight shipping quote and get started today!


Harriet Daniels
November 6, 2020
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Working to get freight delivered on any given day comes with any number of challenges which includes temperature-controlled freight. In locations where the temperature often dips below freezing, attention in these regions turns to heated trucking to ensure the integrity of products are not compromised while in transit. But what is heated trucking and how can it help shippers? If your freight needs to remain warm, keeping the truckload heated to maximize freshness and effectiveness is a critical step.

Utilizing heated trucking services is an option shippers have come to rely on to maintain goods that are at risk of spoiling if they freeze. Whether it’s a shipment of temperature sensitive chemicals or a perishable crop, it’s important to have state-of-the-art equipment to take out the guesswork and allow carriers to set precise levels to keep freight safe.

What is Heated Trucking by Definition?


If you are wondering what is heated trucking, you’ve come to the right place to understand the service better. Heated trucking is a sector of temperature-controlled shipping that means the freight needs to be kept above a certain level. The carrier assigned to transport the freight will use the bill of lading (BOL) to set the exact temperature required inside the truck for the shipment being loaded.

The shipper needs to make sure to clearly state the temperature that needs to be maintained for the freight. This critical decision should not be left up to the driver or an agent. Any mistakes along the way can damage the shipment and ultimately result in lost revenue for the shipper. A load of fresh picked oranges from Florida grooves in December or January heading north to markets in North Dakota or other frigid locations need to remain warm in comparison to the frigid temps upon delivery. If the fruit is not kept heated it could mean the shipment is ruined or not taste Florida fresh.

So to keep things heated up from pickup to delivery regardless of the season or the freight route, make sure to specify how hot the temperature needs to be.

It’s advised that shippers need to inquire about the carrier’s equipment to maintain heated trucking service early in the process to make the best selection.

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A Glance at Heated Trucking Service


In selecting heated trucking, shippers gain access to a full array of additional value-added services to transport freight coast to coast.

Heated trucking service with R+L Global Logistics provides several levels of checks and balances for shipping freight:

  • Required heat maintained in truck on freight routes
  • Monitoring of temperature-controlled shipment
  • Vast network of carriers and freight routes
  • Expedited shipping

It takes a lot to navigate a freight route, and when adding on the required heated temperature setting, it means there is no room for delay or errors.

Sizing Up Heated Trucking Services


There are a number of commodities and other goods that require transport in a heated truck. The time of year, the shipment and where it’s being delivered all factor into heated trucking.

A quick list of shipments requiring heated service include:

  • Produce
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Lubricants
  • Electronics

Imagine if a shipment of lubricant freezes and then thaws. The chemical compounds of that product have changed in the freezing and thawing process rendering it ineffective for use and thus meaning money is lost. This is what ensures heated trucking is available and matched with the right shipment. It’s not just about loading freight and giving no thought to the condition of the goods. In essence, this is irresponsible and shippers need to partner with a carrier who is able to advocate and protect freight during transit. So as the time arrives to coordinate the logistics of a truckload of chemicals, heated trucking services are the best solution to ensure safe arrival anywhere in the continental U.S.

Typically, mid to late fall months like October to November through mid to late spring to March and April are often peak times for the need of heated trucking service. And shippers along with logistics agents keep a close eye on weather patterns which also impact freight shipping. For instance, if a load of produce travels slower than normal and the truck is on the road longer, it could mean the freight is exposed to extremely cold temperatures and the trailer will need to maintain heat levels until delivery.

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Looking for a solution to move truckload freight? R+L Global Logistics handles truckload shipping. Let us know when and we'll handle the rest.

Making The Case for Heated Trucking


Temperature-controlled freight shipping takes on a new life with heated trucking service. In this sector, most think of refrigerated shipping and keeping freight cool. However, heated trucking strives for basically the same outcome, to keep the temperature at a certain level to prevent damage before it’s delivered.

As an example, sweet potatoes are a commodity that needs to be shipped in a relatively warm environment of no less than about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it’s freight like this and others that often needs to be expedited on a dedicated route to hit peak shelf life timelines and seasonality.

It’s a delicate balance when it comes to heated trucking. Our team takes the time to listen to shippers and put together a plan that will maximize heated trucking regardless of the final destination. And shippers are able to track their freight 24-hours a day to see exactly where it is in the journey and ensure the temperature is maintained at the correct level mile for mile.

Seamless Heated Truck Shipping with R+L Global Logistics

When shippers call to obtain a shipping quote, the request for heated shipping is not unusual. In fact, it’s par the course depending on the shipment and the freight route. R+L Global Logistics still guarantees a 99.5% on-time delivery within the Continental U.S. Partnering with the R+L Global Logistics team means we take care of all the details while shippers rest assured their shipment will arrive safe and hassle-free.

No matter whether you're shipping freight from Indianapolis to Chicago or even shipping freight from Massachusetts to California, you'll find R+L Global Logistics is here to help.

We provide additional freight services solutions that include:

  • Heavy Haul
  • Expedited
  • White Glove
  • Truckload
  • Flatbed Carriers
  • Automotive Transportation
  • Dry Van Shipping
  • Oversized Freight

Look no further than R+L Global Logistics as a trusted partner to explain what is heated trucking service. We understand the sensitive nature of handling temperature-controlled shipments and provide competitive freight quotes to get everything shipped seamlessly. 

Looking for a solution to move truckload freight? R+L Global Logistics handles truckload shipping. Let us know when and we'll handle the rest.
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