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Fragile florals take extra consideration during transport. Learn about shipping garden flowers and see how an expert partner can help.
Published: March 16, 2020
Last Modified: August 28, 2023
Author: Ask Truckload

The garden state of New Jersey, with its northern coastal climate, can produce a stunning variety of garden flowers. Due to the garden state’s abundance of fantastic flowers, it means that shipping garden flowers from New Jersey to elsewhere in the U.S has become big business. The state boasts some of the most colorful and hearty perennial flowers in the country. There are more than 2,000 plants that are native to New Jersey. For that reason, the flowers grow best there and need to be relocated via an efficient shipping process. 

There are many facets to consider when shipping garden flowers, as they are delicate and need to be treated with extra care as part of the cold chain shipping process. Flowers are a product that is all about appearances, so they need to be shipped as fragile products. This means that any shipping company needs to be extra vigilant and able to take extra care of this supply chain.

What Kind of Flowers Grow in New Jersey?

What Kind of Flowers Grow in New Jersey

New Jersey is able to grow some beautiful flowers that can make any garden colorful and lush. They are great for perennial flowers, autumn flowers, wildflowers, and plants. Some of the flowers that grow in New Jersey include:

  • Anemones – these are colorful and delicate flowers. They are found in pinks, purples, roses, or whites. They are very useful in flower arranging. They have an attractive fragrance, which adds to their allure. They are sometimes called windflowers when they cover a field, they dance freely in the breeze wind, in a kind of poetic way. 
  • Blanket Flowers – have a single or a double daisy-like blossom. They range from oranges to bright yellow. If you have a hot and sunny garden, then these flowers are for you. They are also deer resistant and are tolerant of a little light frost.
  • Coral Bells – have dainty spires of white, pink, and green. They also have different colored foliage such as burgundy, silver and purple.
  • Lupines – create a stunning bloom in fantastic shades of pinks, blues, and whites. They look fantastic in any garden.

What Equipment is Required to Ship Garden Flowers by the Truckload?

Flowers have to be transported in a system which is called the cold chain. This is to ensure that the flowers are kept at a certain temperature through the transportation process. At the farm, the flowers are boxed. However, before they leave the premises, the boxes are subjected to an injection of cold air straight after the flowers are boxed. This ensures that the temperature is cool enough to be transported successfully. Throughout the transportation process, the flowers will have their temperature checked, monitored, and documented to make sure they retain their splendor and quality. They are also transported in climate-controlled vehicles, which means that the flowers travel in a refrigeration unit. They are not exposed to the ambient temperature for any more than around 15 minutes. 

How to Keep Flowers from Wilting during Shipping

How to Keep Flowers from Wilting during Shipping

To ensure that the flowers do not wilt during the shipping process, there are several steps that have to be adhered to:

  1. The flowers have to be stored in a cool place. Climate-controlled vehicles are perfect for this. Ideally, they need to be kept between 34 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  2. They need to be wrapped to avoid any leaves falling off.
  3. The boxes need to be packed delicately so that the plants are not stressed.

Need to know how to transport floral arrangements? See how a strategic freight partner can help keep things cool and moving.

Expedited Shipping for Garden Flowers

It is possible to send garden flowers in the post on an express service if that is what you require. If you can get a nice wooden crate, something that is able to withstand the process of going through the post. The box has to be of the right length and width to contain the fresh garden flowers you are sending. Obtain some cotton material and line the box with this to give the flowers something soft to lean against. Then line the cotton wool with some tissue paper. Pack the flowers from top to bottom so the end of one is against the flower of the other. You can choose faster shipping from most online New Jersey Garden Flower outlets, if you are looking to purchase.

Shipping Garden Flowers with R+L Global Logistics

R+L Global Logistics is a shipping company that can ship flowers for you. They work tirelessly on creating a brand that works for all their customers, who need to transport a great many numbers of different items, such as garden flowers. They pride themselves on delivering an excellent service second to none and can help you monitor your flowers at every step of the way. Their service is world-class and the best quality you can get. They excel at offering a professional service that ensures safe transport of delicate items as well as providing your deliveries in a timely fashion.

The shipping experts at R+L Global Logistics deliver cargo that needs to be temperature controlled. Not only that, they completely understand the needs of their customer who require this service. They will monitor and control the temperature and check that everything is being transported as the customer expects. They want the New Jersey Garden Flowers to be just as alive and vivid as you do when they reach their destination. To ensure this, they have invested in the absolute best transport vehicle range to control the temperature to a fine degree. You do not have to worry as with R+L Global Logistics as they care and will ensure quality. Their promise to you is that they will make sure that the airflow throughout the trailer is at the optimum level throughout the whole journey.  Are you freight shipping from New Jersey to Texas or other destinations? Give us a call.

Someone from their team of experts will discuss your needs and assess exactly what your individual needs are, in order to cater to you specifically. They can provide a range of freight shipping services based on your needs. They are a team of transportation experts so they will be trained to handle your product, whether you are shipping flowers or shipping pickling cucumbers and more. They will verify the exact product shipping requirements for your satisfaction. Call us today at (866) 353-7178 for a free freight shipping quote.

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