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Shipping auto parts means you need to be compliant with FMCSA rules and regulations. See how the right freight partner can help.
Published: March 13, 2020
Last Modified: August 28, 2023
Author: Ask Truckload

If you're a manufacturer or retailer working in any aspect of the automobile industry, shipping auto parts is an issue that you are likely to encounter. Whether transporting parts to the next city over or across the United States and further afield, you must team up with the right shipping and logistics company. Otherwise, you could fall victim to extortionate shipping rates, poor delivery times, and potentially legal repercussions.

When shipping car parts, you have a legal obligation to meet various standards as detailed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)'s Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) program. When handling freight transportation that includes fragile items, such as auto parts and hazardous materials, only the best shipping method will suffice.

Packing Auto Parts for Shipping

Correctly packing auto parts isn't only important for the sake of meeting regulations. All shipping companies that specialize in this field will confirm that poor packing can lead to damaged parts while simultaneously increasing the shipping cost. Shipping car parts is a significant task and needs to be handled with care.

When working with various car parts, you could encounter heavy and irregular shaped items, as well as products that are particularly vulnerable to damage. Prevention is the best form of protection, so pack each item carefully to ensure everything is prepared correctly ahead of transit.

Key preparations can include;

  • Draining fluids and lubricants from used car parts.
  • Choosing the right type of box or crate for shipping, checking that it has the durability to keep auto parts safe during order shipping processes.
  • Selecting the right packing materials such as bubble wrap to protect fragile items during transit from your auto shop or warehouse to the intended destination.
  • Ensure boxes are sealed and all items are labeled for easy organization and improved tracking information.

In order to protect parts, auto shipping experts can use fillers and secure items to the freight truck to ensure that all items arrive at their destination in style. Meanwhile, selecting the most appropriate methods for your full truckload shipping service allows you to pack more auto parts to promote cost-effective deliveries.

How to Transport Large or Irregular Parts

How to Transport Large or Irregular Parts

Shipping car parts can pose several challenges, not least when handling large and irregular parts. Traditional shipments cannot be utilized, meaning truckload freight services are the only answer. When handling exhaust pipes, bumpers, and other bare metal car parts through a full truck freight service, you won't have to box them. Still, you will need to treat them with care.

Preparation is vital, and the following steps can work wonders.

  • Use corrugated cardboard to wrap sharp edges and protruding points that could get damaged or cause damage to other items.
  • Utilize bubble wrap and plastic film to protect the metal from surface scratches and dents during transit.
  • Consider foam fillers and foam enclosures to stop movement on the truck. Some items can even be secured with cables and ties.
  • Ensure all labels are fixed to the flattest surface available, ideally facing upwards for easier management upon unpacking.
  • Ensure that the heaviest and most peculiar shaped items are stacked at the bottom of the truck or on top of boxes that are structurally capable of supporting the items.

Transporting irregular parts will require a strategic approach to planning and preparation. However, the value of a dedicated freight service that understands the logistical challenges can make all the difference, ensure real-time tracking and business day deliveries you can rely on. Crucially, it is the key to keeping auto parts suitably protected throughout every stage of the journey.

What fees will you have to pay when shipping a generator? You might be responsible for a fuel surcharge.

How to Ship Tires Wholesale

How to Ship Tires Wholesale

Car tires are awkward and heavy items that often need to be shipped in large quantities. On a brighter note, though, they can be stacked and organized on the truck to ensure all available space is utilized to its full potential. The density of weight can mean that fuel costs bump up the shipping costs, but wholesale tire distribution is still the best value for money per item.

Preparation is a key feature once more. Tires should be individually wrapped with cardboard to stop sliding, as well as gripping to surfaces. Causing damage to the treads is the last thing you need. Besides, it makes the unloading process a lot easier too, which saves you valuable time and money.

If your shipment of auto parts is over the standard weight limit, you'll need to hire a reliable heavy haul trucking company. R+L Global Logistics is your go-to partner when it comes to heavy haul trucking. We have numerous partnerships with trustworthy and reliable heavy haul carriers. This enables us to secure highly competitive rates for you while you save time and focus on your business.

Regulations for Shipping Hazmat Auto Parts

Several auto parts can be classified as hazardous materials. In addition to satisfying the logistical requirements for a fast and cost-effective shipping service, you must meet the FMCSA regulations. The Secretary of the Department of Transportation's Hazardous Materials Transportation Act (HMTA) includes definitions for many aspects.

When using a professional freight service, you probably won't need to worry about the nuances. However, you should be aware that;

Hazardous materials must be treated with respect to preventing injuries, accidents, and damage to other materials. The right packing, tacking, and handling from an experienced shipping company will allow you to act with confidence.

Shipping Auto Parts with R+L Global Logistics

Whatever area of the automobile trade you're in, teaming up with a professional and reliable logistics company for shipping car parts is essential. From ensuring that shipments are completed on the right delivery date to protecting all items during transit, R+L Global is the answer. Our experience and commitment to delivering perfection time and time again will provide the service you deserve no matter where you’re shipping to and from. Shipping from Virginia to New York? We’ve got you covered there, and anywhere else in the U.S.

With R+L Global Logistics, you can benefit from our unique advantages, such as:

  • Financial strength and integrity
  • Flexibility to handle any situation
  • Our team of multilingual specialists to streamline shipping to Mexico and Canada
  • Real-time freight visibility through state-of-the-art track and trace technologies
  • A 99.5% on-time delivery record

If you're ready to start shipping auto parts and need help with the process, use our freight shipping quote tool or call us at (866) 353-7178 to speak with our customer service representatives. We also handle unique challenges like shipping pickling cucumbers. We're more than happy to help!

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