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A strategic freight partner can do more than provide competitive Houston freight shipping rates. Count on us to provide top-notch service and much more.
Published: February 26, 2021
Last Modified: October 5, 2023
Author: Ask Truckload

Houston, Texas, is a bustling metropolitan area. The fourth-largest city in the nation is located right on the Gulf of Mexico and is home to a busy ocean port. Houston has a strong industrial economy with contributions from many manufacturers and major corporations. What does all of this mean? It means that transportation of goods and materials is big business and Houston freight shipping rates are essential to the fast-paced economy.

Houston freight shipping rates are competitive. Businesses and manufacturers based in the city move all kinds of freight daily and depend on cost-efficient transportation services to move a variety of goods. The best way to determine Houston freight shipping rates is to reach out for a freight shipping quote.

The right freight shipping services provider will do more than provide a fair quote. You often get what you pay for in today’s business marketplace and the cheapest option often provides cut-rate service. Learn more about Houston commodities, calculating shipping costs, how to get a fair freight rate, available freight services, and the benefits of working with a strategic freight partner.

What Kinds of Goods Require Freight Shipping From Houston?


You’ll find that all kinds of goods require freight shipping from Houston. The city’s business scene is diverse. Many major corporations and manufacturers thrive in Houston, and this creates a strong demand for all kinds of freight transportation services.

Houston’s official nickname is Space City and it’s easy to see why: NASA’s strong presence here has seriously influenced the culture and economy. As a result, the aerospace industry thrives in Houston. The Johnson Space Center supports the United States astronaut program, the International Space Station, Orion programs, and much more. 

There are also many business sectors and companies in Houston that rely on freight shipments to get down to business. Other thriving industries in Houston, TX, include energy, petroleum, hospitality and foodservice, automobile manufacturing, electronics, agriculture, and much more.

Major enterprises based in this Texas city include:

  • Sysco: This food distributor provides delicious offerings and marketing for the foodservice and hospitality industries across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Phillips 66: This energy company has a worldwide presence. They deliver petroleum-based chemicals that support all kinds of industries. Phillips 66 is known for natural gas, lubricant, aviation fuels, and more.
  • Volkswagen Group of America: The German auto manufacturer has a port PPC and parts distribution center in Houston. Parts are sent from Houston to manufacturing facilities in Mexico and across the U.S.
  • Enterprise Products Partners: Natural gas and crude oil move along this company’s pipelines. EPP also produces petrochemicals and refined petroleum products.
  • Conoco Phillips: This Houston-based international corporation specializes in energy exploration and production.

These corporations -- and the many, many other businesses in the Houston metro area -- likely require all kinds of freight shipments to keep the wheels of commerce turning.

Freight Shipments from The Port of Houston

However, these businesses aren’t the only driving factor in the Houston freight market. The Port of Houston is located right on the Houston Channel and features approximately 200 public and private industrial terminals.

The Port of Houston is in a strategic location to reach a wide swath of the country. In fact, 152 million consumers are within 1,000 miles of the port. This means many imports and exports travel over the road on trucks to and from the port. 

All kinds of goods flow in and out of the port. In fact, the Port of Houston sees nearly 250 million tons of cargo through imports and exports each year. All of this busy cargo movement creates tons of opportunities for freight carriers and freight brokers to get to work. 

Though the Port of Houston is home to a massive petrochemical complex, other freight moves here too. Some of the top imports coming into the port, according to information from the Houston Business Journal, include:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Iron and steel
  • Motor vehicles 
  • Chemicals

Top exports leaving the country at the Port of Houston include:

  • Crude and refined products
  • Chemicals
  • Industrial machinery
  • Plastics
  • Motor vehicles

No matter whether they’re hauling a full truckload or just a few pallets of LTL freight, the top carriers in and around Houston stay busy. Let’s dive in deeper and learn more about freight shipping options for customers in and around Houston.

How Do I Calculate Freight Shipping Costs?


Looking for more information on Houston freight shipping rates? To get the best rates, you’ll need to know how to calculate fight shipping costs.

A number of factors influence freight shipping costs. Things like the dimensions and weight of your shipment, freight density, the distance your shipment needs to travel, whether your shipment requires LTL or full truckload freight, additional freight services needed, and other factors can all determine the prices charged by shipping companies. Other factors, like truckload fuel surcharges, can also influence freight shipping costs.

The most accurate way to determine freight shipping costs is to reach out to a freight broker or carrier partner. USA Truckload Shipping, powered by R+L Global Logistics, has a team of friendly freight agents standing by to help you determine the cost of your next shipment. 

Let us calculate your freight shipping costs. Simply reach out for a hassle-free freight rate quote by contacting us online or by phone at (866) 353-7178. You can make the experience even easier by having some information ready. For the best possible customer service, be prepared with your:

  • Shipment origin and destination -- not just city and state, but ZIP code too
  • The commodity or product you’re shipping
  • Length, width, height, and weight of your shipment
  • Any special instructions; like if you need liftgate service, white glove delivery, or another freight service
  • Your complete contact information

Having this information ready will help your freight broker or carrier partner quickly calculate your freight shipping rates with a spot quote.

How Can I Get the Best Freight Rates?


There are a number of considerations that impact freight rates. 

Some of these factors were mentioned above. Origin and destination, freight density, commodity, and additional services needed, and more can all influence your freight rate. 

Other things like shipping season, weather, truckload capacity, driver availability, and additional factors can also influence the cost of your freight shipment. Let’s look at a few details and see how you can avoid pitfalls preventing you from the best freight rates.

  • Shipping season: Peak shipping season usually spans August to October. This is because retailers and other businesses are moving a lot of freight for the back-to-school and holiday seasons. Freight rates typically rise during the peak season. You might be able to get better freight rates by avoiding shipping during this time of year.
  • Weather: Texas was hit by a freakish snowstorm in February 2021. This likely influenced Houston freight rates as the weather caused road travel to come to a standstill. Get the best rate by shipping when the weather is fair.
  • Truckload capacity and driver availability: The truckload freight market is tight right now due to a number of factors. Things like lessened available capacity and reduced driver availability can drive up freight shipping prices. 

You can also ensure you’re paying fair freight rates by working with a dedicated and strategic freight partner. USA Truckload Shipping, powered by R+L Global Logistics, is ready to go the extra mile for you. We have a strong grasp on the Houston freight shipping market and are ready to provide competitive rates. While we specialize in full truckload shipping, we can even help with your LTL freight needs. Get a freight rate quote now.

What Kinds of Freight Services are Available from Houston?

All kinds of commodities move from Houston, so there are all kinds of freight services available. No matter whether you’re looking for a carrier partner that can handle freight shipping petroleum or even shipping solar panels, you can count on USA Truckload Shipping and R+L Global Logistics to deliver the services you need.

Freight services available from Houston include:

No matter what you need to move your shipment, you can count on a logistics industry leader to get the job done right.

Houston Freight Shipping Rates from R+L Global Logistics

Ready to get Houston freight shipping rates and plan your next shipment? Reach out to USA Truckload Shipping, powered by R+L Global Logistics, to be your strategic ally. We know the Space City freight market inside and out. This means we are prepared to match you with the right carrier partner for your next freight shipment.

Ready to let us go to work for you? No matter whether you’re shipping from a business, warehouse, or even the Port of Houston, see how a strong logistics partner can make moving freight easy. Give us a call at (866) 353-7178 now.

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