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Vehicle Escort Services

These services involve the use of escort vehicles, also known as pilot cars or flag cars, to ensure the safe and smooth movement of oversized or heavy cargo that exceeds legal size and weight restrictions.

What are Vehicle Escort Services?

Vehicle escort services are often used when loads are too large for the driver to safely monitor their surroundings. It’s when a standard vehicle follows and/or drives in front of a truck carrying an oversized load. 

At times, these vehicles will have a height indicator attached when traveling ahead to ensure that all bridges and overpasses are sufficiently tall enough to allow passage for the truck and its load. 

Escort vehicles may also be used to provide additional security for items that are high-value/high-risk. 

Drivers of the pilot/escort car can notify the carrier immediately if the truck or trucks deviate from the route, or make any unauthorized stops. They can also protect the driver and trailer whenever the trucks are stopped, and are constantly on the lookout for thieves. 

Escort services play a critical role in facilitating the transport of these specialized loads, minimizing disruptions to traffic flow and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. 

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