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Truck and Bus Regulation

States that heavy-duty vehicles that travel on Californian roads must take steps to reduce toxic air contaminants, also known as TACs, from exhaust emissions.

What is the Truck and Bus Regulation?

Truck emissions are a significant source of pollution, and the Truck and Bus Regulation is viewed as a crucial step forward by environmental campaigners. 

A significant amount of U.S. freight actually travels through California, most in the form of imported goods entering through the Port of Los Angeles. The vast majority of long-haul truckers will find themselves in this state at some point. 

The regulation aims  to lower hazardous emissions and  improve air quality. This reduces the risk of smog and protects the health of individuals, particularly those living in deprived areas of the state. 

For owner-operators and asset-owning brokers doing frequent business in the area, it’s important to maintain trucks to these standards. Vehicles that don’t meet regulations can be subject to various fines within the state. 

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