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Non-Palletized Freight

Any type of freight that is not secured by a pallet.

What is Non-Palletized Freight?

Non-palletized freight is any type of freight that is not secured by a pallet. Because this type of freight is traveling without the security of a pallet, specific load techniques are used when they’re put into a trailer. 

Non-palletized freight is transported using the same methods as regular freight, so it can travel by dry van or flatbed. However, it may be secured differently. In a dry van, it may be referred to as floor loaded freight

Some benefits of using Non-Palletized Freight include: 

  • Not having to pay for pallets to begin with.
  • Fewer trailers or containers that would normally be needed to ship the same amount of product on pallets. 

Learn about cost-saving opportunities and effective risk management strategies for maintaining operational efficiency for all manner of loads. 

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