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Multi-Stop Truckload

It involves using a single truck to haul shipments to several locations along a continuous route in order to cut down on fuel and maintenance costs.

What is a Multi-Stop Truckload?

According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), multi-stop truckload is a shipping method where one truck carries freight destined for multiple destinations. It maximizes efficiency by optimizing routes and fully utilizing cargo space. When properly executed, it presents an effective opportunity to save costs. 

Multi-stop truckloads are employed when two conditions are true:

  • A truck will pass several customers on a common route, such as a stretch of interstate.
  • The trailer can be loaded with cargo destined for all of these customers. 

Instead of sending several trucks with smaller loads to each individual receiver, a single truck is dispatched with a fully or mostly-loaded trailer. This minimizes the number of trips required and cuts down on fuel. 

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