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A type of freight shipment in which the freight is handled by two or more carriers during transportation.

What is Interline?

Interline refers to a collaborative transportation arrangement between two or more motor carriers to jointly transport a shipment from its origin to its destination. There are some companies that specialize in interline freight. 

Interlining allows carriers to leverage each other’s resources, expertise, and service areas to provide seamless, cost-effective, and efficient transportation solutions for customers.

This may be the case with certain commodities that need special conditions for shipping. It is most common among rail lines. Not all rail companies travel on all routes, so a shipment that starts off in Nova Scotia, Canada may need to transfer to a different rail company to make it all the way to Los Angeles, California. 

Threats to a working rail line due to environmental or political factors can severely impact the ability of companies to work together effectively. Our articles are a treasure trove of educational resources, industry best practices, and actionable tips to sharpen your expertise and achieve greater operational excellence.

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