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Gross weight

Refers to the total weight of a truck plus its trailer and freight. It can also refer to the total weight of a freight shipment for LTL classification and rates.

What is Gross weight?

Gross weight typically refers to the total weight of a truck, including its payload (cargo) and any additional weight from the truck itself. 

This can include:

  • Fuel
  • Driver
  • Passengers
  • Personal items 

In the US domestic truckload shipping industry, gross weight plays a critical role in determining compliance with weight regulations, ensuring road safety, and optimizing the efficient transportation of goods. 

Drivers are responsible for making sure that trucks are being loaded correctly and within safe limits. When loads exceed the recommended limits of the state or district, oversized or overweight permits must be applied for and approved. 

Freight brokers can assist with shippers who need to frequently ship oversized items through their knowledge of state permit systems and requirements. 

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