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Green Logistics

Includes any effort a company makes to lower their emissions and generally reduce their pollution produced from all logistical endeavors.

What is Green Logistics?

Green Logistics includes any effort a company makes to lower their emissions and reduce their overall carbon footprint. That includes changes made in the flow of products, information, and services. By implementing a variety of green logistics tactics, a company can massively reduce their impact on the ecology of the planet, while boosting their brand image and keeping their costs down.

By their nature, many trucking companies have trouble growing truly green. All major semi-trucks and half-cabs still run on diesel fuel. Efforts to make their logistics more eco-friendly include tactics such as:

  • Consolidated freight services that combine more items together into a single trailer to reduce trips
  • Moving to digital platforms that minimize the use of paper documents
  • Employing electric or natural gas trucks and vans when delivering within urban areas in an effort to reduce carbon emissions

For more on green logistics in shipping, visit our informative resources blog. Discover potential cost savings and effective risk management strategies to ensure operational optimization. 

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