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Refers to the loose packing materials used to prevent jostling between pallets or crates.

What is Dunnage?

Commonly used in the cargo hold during ocean shipping, dunnage also has a place in a dry van or even a reefer unit. 

Dunnage might include blocking, bracing, airbags, dividers, and other materials within packing materials or between crates and pallets. Using less Dunnage can reduce freight costs as it requires less material and effort on the carrier’s part, but removes a safety measure. 

Reducing Dunnage might be useful when shipping LTL freight, as less packing material will reduce a shipment’s size and volume. Whether dunnage is truly needed or not will depend on things such as:

  • Type of freight
  • Item Fragility
  • Distance traveling
  • Travel conditions

When given an option, shippers should carefully consider the impact of these details on the overall safety of their cargo before choosing to accept dunnage or not when packing. 

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