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Driver Check-ins

In the trucking and freight industry, this can refer to various methods that truck and delivery drivers use to provide a current status report to their dispatchers.

What are Driver Check-ins?

At the shipper’s request, drivers can check in every two hours to notify the freight broker, carrier company, or shipper of where they are in transit. This is a simple yet effective way of making sure that the shipment is on track to get delivered at the correct time, and keeping the involved parties informed. 

A driver check in may also refer to a process where drivers check into a facility or through a web platform to indicate that they are available for delivery or pick-up services. 

Finally, driver check-ins can refer to a specific job title, usually in the finance sector of a carrier company. Individuals in this position are responsible for tracking and checking in with drivers who have completed their lists of tasks. 

They can keep track of things such as:

  • Route completions
  • Equipment use
  • Type and quantity of deliveries

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