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Dedicated Lane

A route that a carrier travels for a single company.

What is a Dedicated Lane?

A dedicated freight lane is a stable avenue for carriers, drivers, and customers. Customers know the route shipments will travel, carriers can provide consistent and stable rates, and drivers become very familiar with the general route. 

Other important details connected with dedicated freight lane include:

  • Executed over time and usually long-term.
  • Consistent, meaning freight is moved at regular intervals down the lane.
  • Stable, which means rates will stay the same over the duration of the dedicated contract.
  • Predictable and comes with the same demand pattern.
  • Efficient and can help reduce driver detention.
  • Service-oriented, as only the best carriers and brokers have opportunities to book dedicated shipping lanes.
  • Based on trust and agreement, which means the carrier or broker can count on the shipper to move the same amount of freight consistently.

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