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Arrival Notice

A notification sent to the consignee and other required parties to inform them that a shipment has arrived.

What is an Arrival Notice?

These are typically used for international shipments that arrive via air or ocean freight. The notice is typically provided via e-mail and is seen as a courtesy for importers.

However, they play a significant role in the trucking industry as well. In the context of full truckload services, arrival notices may be utilized for cross-border shipments or intermodal transportation where a combination of ocean, air, and truck transport is involved.

By receiving an arrival notice, the consignee can make timely arrangements for truckload carriers to pick up the cargo from the port or airport, ensuring a smooth transition of goods to their final destination. This integrated communication helps in streamlining the logistics chain and reduces the potential for delays, aligning the roles of various carriers, including trucking companies, within the global shipping process.

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