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Let R+L Global Logistics Keep it Cool from Pickup to Delivery

Typically, freight requiring refrigerated shipping needs an immediate turnaround to be loaded and on the way to the intended destination. Anytime temperature-sensitive freight has to sit waiting for delivery means the shipper is losing money. Our goal at R+L Global Logistics is to eliminate any uncertainty when it comes to refrigerated shipping.

The refrigerated shipping carrier transporting goods like flowers, food and pharmaceuticals needs to pay close attention to the details. The shipper will list the specific temperature freight needs to remain during transit. If this temperature setting is altered up or down, even the slightest change, could damage the freight and it is deemed unacceptable upon delivery. This adds up to lost time and revenue. The shipper is then challenged to locate a company who takes their business seriously and they can rely on to get the refrigerated freight delivered on time, each time without delay.

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Let R+L Global Logistics show you how it’s done. As an industry-leading 3PL company, we have access to the best carriers on the road today. This means we pass along outstanding service to our customers and can scale services to meet any shipping needs. When it needs to stay cold, you need to partner with R+L Global Logistics for refrigerated shipping.

When shippers contract with us for their refrigerated shipping needs, R+L Global Logistics ensures each shipment is handled professionally. The team is there each mile of the journey to make sure the freight is safe whether it’s a lone shipment, a dedicated load or a seasonal delivery.

We have the capacity to expertly handle the unique requests that come with refrigerated shipping. R+L Global Logistics is unmatched in the industry. We employ state-of-the-art technologies to provide a secure and seamless process for temperature sensitive freight.

Stay Cool with the Right Partner on Your Side

There’s a lot that goes into choosing a refrigerated freight shipping partner. From finding a competitive price to confirming cold delivery, R+L Global Logistics is ready to handle it all. Explore what sets us apart from the rest and join forces with an industry leader next time you need a reefer shipping quote.

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Freight Experts Ready For You
R+L Global Logistics has freight experts standing by to help you plan your next refrigerated shipment. No matter whether you’re moving fresh cut flowers or frozen food, our agents have the expertise needed to get you a dedicated truckload quote for your goods.
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Outstanding Reputation
Our proven reputation and promise of 99.5% on-time delivery means we’re willing to go above and beyond for your shipment. With prompt picking and delivery, expert handling and visibility along the way, we’re ready to show you why we’re the best in the transportation industry.
Available Capacity Truck Icon
Available Capacity
We rely on a vast network of top-rated refrigerated trucking carriers. This means we have the capacity needed to secure refrigerated transport at a fair rate. From dedicated temperature-controlled truckload shipments to frozen LTL shipments, we have what you need.
Insurance Options Dollar Sign Icon
Insurance Options
Insuring your shipment for the total replacement value just makes sense. R+L Global Logistics can offer the insurance you need to keep you covered in the event of a loss. We’ll make sure your cold chain cargo stays protected from pickup to final delivery.
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How Refrigerated Shipping Is Handled by R+L Global Logistics

Working with refrigerated or temperature-controlled freight requires close attention to detail to ensure the shipment is safe.

Freight requiring temperature-control typically includes:








Shipments in this category have strict guidelines that must be followed or the freight is not accepted upon delivery. In addition, there are regulatory requirements which dictate how food products are to be handled during shipment. The carrier and their representatives must follow the details regarding temperature outlined on the bill of lading to make sure the freight is kept at the right temperature. 

Just imagine a load of delicate flowers arriving at the delivery dock wilted because the carrier handling the refrigerated shipping did not pay attention to the freight.

The R+L Global Logistics team understands temperature sensitive products as do our network of carriers. We work hard to ensure the safe transport of refrigerated freight. It’s in our best interest to care about our customers refrigerated freight because if it is unaccepted at delivery; then not only is that a financial loss to the customer it is a blemish to our reputation in the industry. We work hard to build trust with our customers that their freight will be handled with care each and every time.
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Shipping Truckload Services with R+L Global Logistics

Trust your refrigerated shipping needs to us. We are dedicated to keeping your supply chains moving smoothly, securely and promptly. When it’s time to decide on which company to contract with for refrigerated services, we want to be at the top of the list.
Our advantages include:
Financial Strength
Flexibility to Meet Customer Needs
Multilingual Specialists
Real-time Freight Visibility
99.5% On-Time Delivery
In addition to refrigerated services, we also handle truckload, heavy haul, white glove and expedited freight. Our competitive pricing can cover delivering freight requiring refrigerated shipping within a local area, regionally or throughout the continental USA. This is what we do all day, every day so your freight will be with a trusted partner who knows the industry and focused on getting the job done.
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Experience the Best with R+L Global Logistics

Count on an experienced provider of refrigerated shipping services like R+L Global Logistics when you need to keep your cool. We’ve moved everything from snack foods to florals and can find a solution that gets the job done for you.
Let our friendly freight experts guide you through the freight shipping process. No matter whether you reach out by phone or online, you’ll receive a timely, accurate and competitive refrigerated shipping quote. We have the expertise, the equipment and the services needed to meet your temperature-controlled shipping challenges.
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R+L Global Logistics - The Freight Experts

In addition to refrigerated services, we also handle truckload and expedited freight. Our competitive pricing can cover delivering freight requiring refrigerated shipping within a local area, regionally or throughout the continental USA. This is what we do all day, every day so your freight will be with a trusted partner who knows the industry and focused on getting the job done.
R+L Global Logistics is a family-owned company and can also accommodate requests for additional services which include:
White Glove
Oversized Freight
Trade Show Shipping
Dry Van
Freight Shipping from Iowa to Florida
We are here to help shippers find the most cost effective solution to handle refrigerated shipping. Rely on our freight experts to get your refrigerated freight delivered on time.
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