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Drayage Shipping From Any Port Including Long Beach and Los Angeles

R+L Global Logistics can connect your supply chain from the port to the final destination with accuracy and ease. Our recently increased chassis capacity ensures your valuable containers won’t be stuck at the port.

Our nearby facilities located within 30 minutes of the port of Long Beach and Los Angeles allow for nimble movement and planning of your freight. This ensures that your supply chain keeps chugging along and experiences no disruptions. We’re able to quickly and efficiently help with drayage out of either of these ports, as well as any other U.S. port, with zero problems.
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24/7 Logistics
We're prepared to meet the challenges of the 24/7 supply chain world. Our established and strategic partnerships with reliable drivers ensure that your freight is always on the move until the job is complete.
Container Chassis Availability
One of the biggest challenges right now is finding the right equipment to move your containers. We’ve recently added numerous container chassis which ensures we’re uniquely prepared to help you with your drayage needs.
Strategically Located Facilities
Regardless of if it’s drayage, transloading or cross docking, R+L Global Logistics has the right facilities to get the job done. Our strategically located facilities ensure your freight is continuously moving in the most efficient manner.

More Than Just Drayage Services

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Port drayage is only one of the many logistics and supply chain services that R+L Global Logistics offer. We have warehousing in advantageously located spots across the U.S., where we can store your products and also offer order fulfillment, pick and pack service and even reverse logistics (returns).

If getting your goods into the country is a pressing need, our customs brokerage services are perfect for setting you up for success.
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No matter what your supply chain and logistics needs are, R+L Global Logistics is prepared to be your go-to partner. Contact our logistics experts today to get help with drayage and more.
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