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The Peach State should be on your mind whenever it comes to the southeast region of the United States and freight shipping from Georgia. The state known for its red clay is home to the largest airport in the country and is the birthplace of an iconic global beverage brand. Yes, keep Georgia on your mind when it comes to freight shipments of everything from pecans, blueberries, automobiles, and paper products to name a few.

Atlanta, in the shadow of Stone Mountain, is the state’s capital and serves as a hub for business and industry in the southeastern U.S. Many global and national companies have a presence in this metropolitan city. Several major interstates all converge in Atlanta from the coastal plains and historic port city of Savannah, the fertile fields of Vidalia and Valdosta, the military town of Columbus or the corridor east to Augusta. 

The task of getting freight out of Georgia to other parts of the continental US is what we do every day at R+L Global Logistics. Whether the freight is headed to another southern state, up the east coast or out west, R+L Global Logistics can help get it there on time. We work closely with shippers and a network of freight carriers to offer truckload, refrigerated and expedited transportation services.

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