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Goods from the Canyon State Shipping to the Golden State

When you contract with R+L Global Logistics from freight shipping from Arizona to California, you’re getting more than pick up and delivery. By working with us, you’re getting a strategic shipping partner prepared to go above and beyond every mile along the way.

Almost 400 miles separate Phoenix and Los Angeles. R+L Global Logistics is prepared to go the distance and make freight shipping from Arizona to California easy and hassle-free. Joining forces with R+L Global Logistics means you'll get the know-how and shipping services required to conquer the western terrain and make shipping from the Grand Canyon State to the Golden State simple.

There’s more than sandy desert and breath-taking canyons in Arizona. The state’s economy depends on industry and manufacturing to keep buzzing. Major business sectors in Arizona include tourism, business services, aerospace, semiconductor manufacturing and electronics production. All of these thriving economic segments depend on the movement of goods to keep supply chains humming and needs met. Many of the products produced here are sent west, and this makes freight shipping from Arizona to California big business.

Moving your freight west to California means you’ll need scalable, customizable freight shipping service to meet your industry and business needs. As a leader in the 3PL industry, we know supply chains inside and out and can scale solutions tailor-fit to your demands. Our trained specialists will match you with the carriers needed to get your freight to its destination on-time, every time.

R+L Global Logistics is a family owned company and this means we welcome all of our shippers and carriers into our fold. This allows us to provide a customer experience unlike any of our competitors. Customer service is a hallmark for R+L Global Logistics and we thrive on treating each of our partners like family.

Gain an Edge by Shipping with R+L Global Logistics

All kinds of goods flow between Arizona and California. The two states have similar economies and this creates opportunities for trade. No matter whether you’re shipping semiconductors made by Intel in Phoenix to Silicon Valley or pet food manufactured in Flagstaff to distribution centers near LAX, R+L Global Logistics can get it there on-time, every time.

A few of the major commodities and goods heading west to California from Arizona include:

R+L Global Logistics works with the best carriers in the business. We will ensure needs are met and any special accommodations are made each mile of the journey.

Advantage of Freight Shipping with R+L Global Logistics

When you rely on R+L Global Logistics to move your freight, you’re getting more than a competitive price. From pickup in Arizona to final delivery in California, we’re here to assist each mile of the journey.

Advantages of shipping with R+L Global Logistics include:

Financial Strength
Flexibility to Meet Customer Needs
Multilingual Specialists
Real-time Freight Visibility
99.5% On-Time Delivery
Freight Shipping from Arizona to California - Freight truck traveling on highway

Freight Solutions from an Industry Leader

R+L Global Logistics is a leader in the freight shipping industry. We’ve built a solid reputation built on customer experience, visibility and on-time delivery. Let us provide the freight shipping solutions your business needs to keep moving.

Additional solutions and services offered by R+L Global Logistics include:

Expert Consulting
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Expedited Freight Services
Drayage ServicesDrayage Services
White Glove ShippingWhite Glove Shipping
Hazmat CarriersHazmat Transportation Services

Get the services you need or freight shipping from Arizona to California. Call R+L Global Logistics at (866) 353-7178 or reach out online for a truckload rate quote. We’re here to help each mile of the journey.

Freight Shipping from Arizona to California - Freight trucks traveling on highway
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