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Alaska Makes an Impact In the U.S. Supply Chain

The task of shipping freight from Alaska is not a random after thought. It takes planning and precision to navigate from the most northern state in the US. The R+L Global Logistics team can eliminate the stress to make this a smooth transition. Routes from Juneau to Los Angeles or Anchorage to Denver are samples of the freight routes from Alaska.


  •   Coal
  •   Lumber
  •   Nursery Stock
  •   Seafood
  •   Oil
  •   Natural Gas

Freight experts are able to coordinate the shipment including the international portion of the route. Regardless of the destination in the US from The Last Frontier, R+L Global Logistics has an extensive carrier network to cover all locations. Even from Alaska, we guarantee on time delivery, every time.

The R+L Global Logistics team is not intimidated by Alaska freight headed across the US. Put your trust in the shipping service that gets it done with confidence.

USA Truckload Shipping Logo
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