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Funeral caskets are large, bulky, and delicate. This means they can require special handling. See how a strategic partner can help.
Published: August 30, 2021
Last Modified: August 28, 2023
Author: Ask Truckload

COVID-19 has come with a high price, evident in the death toll among the ill. As of late August 2021, nearly 650,000 Americans have passed away since the beginning of the pandemic. This number is only expected to rise as the delta variant continues to ravage the nation. All of this has created an increasing demand in the funeral industry and the need for freight shipping funeral caskets is on the rise, too.

Freight shipping funeral caskets is an essential service for grieving families. Because caskets are large and can weigh over 150 lbs, parcel shipping is not an option and they must be moved by freight. You might choose to ship a few caskets via LTL shipping or a whole load of caskets with FTL shipping.

Do you need freight shipping services for funeral caskets? Let’s dive into the details, like where caskets are made, how much they weigh, how are caskets shipped, and how an understanding and compassionate freight partner can help.

Where Are Caskets Made?


Caskets are made across the United States. However, numbers show that Indiana is the top casket-producing state by revenue. Other states that produce caskets include Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Tennessee.

Indiana Caskets Can Be Found in Funeral Homes Across the Country

Indiana caskets are known for their quality. Not surprisingly, the casket manufacturing industry has a rich history in this Great Lakes state.

Numbers show that the casket industry is worth more than $2.26 billion in Indiana alone. The casket industry in the Hooser State dates all the way back to 1884 when the Batesville Casket Company was founded local craftsmen began carving ornate caskets from local lumber.  Batesville Casket Company is the largest casket producer in the nation, earning more than $2.1 billion each year. 

The second-largest producer of caskets in Indiana is the Aurora Casket Company, based right on the Ohio River in Aurora, IN. This company was founded in 1890 and handles more than $142 million each. Aurora Casket Company has manufacturing facilities in two Indiana cities, Aurora and Richmond. 

Finally, Astral Industries, Inc., based in the small town of Lynn, IN, specializes in powder-coated caskets. Astral Industries has an estimated annual revenue of $18.5 million.

Why is Indiana a hot spot for casket production? The region has miles of forests full of hardwood for harvesting, as well as a rich history in furniture production. Skilled furniture carvers easily transitioned their skills to casket making long ago and that is still evident in today’s market.

Casket production in the Hoosier State is a big deal for the local economy and for funeral homes around the country. This means that freight shipping from Indiana is essential to moving caskets and coffins. Caskets frequently move on lanes shipping freight from Indiana to New York or on lanes heading south shipping freight from Indiana to Florida.


How Much do Caskets Weigh?

If you’ve ever served as a pallbearer at a loved one’s funeral, you know that caskets can be quite heavy. But how much do caskets weigh? A wooden casket might weigh anywhere between 150 and 250 lbs. Metal caskets can weigh between 180 and 220 lbs.

Because of a casket’s size and weight, parcel or package shipping isn’t really an option for most shipping companies. This means that freight companies handle most casket shipments.

Let’s look at freight shipping funeral caskets so you can plan your next shipment.

How Are Caskets Shipped?

Funeral caskets are large and heavy, and this means freight shipping is required to get them from the manufacturer to the distribution center and then to the funeral home. 


Freight Shipping Funeral Caskets: LTL vs FTL 

Shipping funeral caskets can be done in two ways: via LTL freight or FTL freight. LTL, or less than truckload, is used when you’re shipment takes up less than 60% of a full, 53-foot trailer.  On the other hand, FTL freight is a good option when your casket shipment will occupy more than 60% of a full trailer. 

Do You Need Expedited Shipping?

On top of LTL and FTL freight, there are other options available, too. Expedited shipping can get your caskets to your funeral home or distribution service sooner. You might be able to book same or next-day delivery when freight shipping funeral caskets with the right expedited partner.

Air freight is another way to get caskets moving quickly but is a more expensive option. 

Proper Packaging for Freight Shipping Funeral Caskets

In addition to choosing the right method for freight shipping funeral caskets, you’ll also need to make sure they are properly packaged for shipping. Caskets should be palletized to ease transportation and storage. 

Additionally, depending on the casket and carrier partner, wooden crates might be used when freight shipping funeral caskets as well.

Dunnage or packing materials can insulate your casket shipment and protect your investment along the freight journey.

Need to know more about how to get goods on pallets? Learn how to palletize your freight and make shipping simple.

Can I Ship Human Remains in a Casket?


Some shipping partners might allow you to ship human remains in a casket. Please note that USA Truckload Shipping, powered by R+L Global Logistics, does not handle shipments that contain human remains. 

Freight Shipping Funeral Caskets with An Understanding Partner

Freight shipping funeral caskets is a delicate undertaking and requires care and compassion. Funeral caskets aren’t just everyday cargo, as they serve as a final gift to deceased loved ones and their beauty can provide comfort to grieving families. 

Let an understanding and strategic freight partner handle your next shipment of caskets. No matter whether you are a manufacturer sending caskets to your warehouse for distribution or a funeral home or society ordering inventory, let USA Truckload Shipping show you what sets us apart from the rest. 

USA Truckload Shipping, powered by R+L Global Logistics, is a family-owned provider of freight and logistics services. This means we truly understand the intricacies of the industry and know what freight shipping funeral caskets mean during these unprecedented times.

Need a special touch when freight shipping funeral caskets? Consider white glove delivery services to ensure freight is handled with delicate and understanding hands.

Ready to learn more or even book your next shipment? Reach out for a hassle-free freight rate quote now or call (866) 353-7178 now.

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