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Whether you’re shipping freight a few short miles or across the country, getting a truckload freight quote should be quick and easy. With R+L Global Logistics, you’ll get exactly that. We know how valuable and important your freight is and we won’t waste your time during the booking process.

After you complete our short freight quote form, one of our transportation and logistics specialists will contact you with your freight shipping quote. They will also be able to answer any additional questions you might have.


How to Get a Freight Quote, powered by R+L Global Logistics, makes it easy to get a freight quote. No matter what product or commodity your business is moving, we’re ready to get it there. See how our live, friendly freight experts can get you a competitive freight shipping quote on your terms.

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Step 1: Gather Information

You’ll need some essential information before you reach out for a freight shipping quote. Having detailed information about your shipment is essential as it allows us to give you a fair, accurate quote the first time. In addition to knowing what you’re shipping, you’ll need to know the:

  • Origin and delivery zip code for your shipment
  • Dimensions of your shipment
  • Weight of your shipment
  • Replacement value of your shipment
  • Any special hauling needs: liftgate service, white glove service, refrigerated truck, hazmat, or any other needs

When you have this information ready, you can move on to the next step.

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Step 2: Contact Us

There are three easy ways to reach out to, powered by R+L Global Logistics, when you need a freight shipping quote:

  1. Fill out the Easy Quote Request Form on the left 
  2. Give us a call at (866) 353-7178
  3. Chat with a live agent by clicking the box on the bottom right.

No matter how you choose to contact us, you’ll only deal with live, friendly freight experts. We don’t rely on bots, algorithms or aggregators to get your freight shipping quote. This means we’re able to provide next-level customer service and provide immediate solutions for your freight shipping pain points.

Our agent will collect the essential information from you and will find the most competitive rate for your shipment. Turnaround time is speedy and efficient and you’ll have your number in no time.

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Step 3: Book Your Shipment With the Best in the Business

When you book a freight shipment with R+L Global Logistics, you’re signing on to work with the best carriers on the road today. Not only do we provide an outstanding customer experience to our shippers, but we also provide the best truckload shipping service. 

Our truckload shipping services are scalable. This means R+L Global Logistics will customize a freight shipping fix to meet your individual business needs. No matter what you’re moving and no matter where it’s going, we’re ready to get down to business for you.

Let us show you how easy it is to get a freight shipping quote. Reach out now and see how we can help.

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Getting a freight quote quickly is important, but it’s also crucial to understand how your rate is calculated. There are many factors that are considered when calculating freight rates.

These factors include:

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Origin and Destination of Your Shipment
The distance between your origin and destination as well as the type of locations will factor into the cost of your shipment. For example, if the location has limited access or is in a residential area, this will affect the rate. It’s not unusual for a shipment traveling a further distance to be cheaper than a shorter delivery. Truck availability, freight lanes, and more can cause this to occur.
Availability of Vehicles Flatbed Truck Icon
Availability of Vehicles
The number of trucks that are available and where they’re at will have an impact on the quote price. Each 3PL and freight carrier will operate differently and have varying amounts of trucks available in certain locations. Our large network of trucks and dedicated freight lanes allow us to provide you with quick, affordable quotes and ensure we’ll always have someone available to transport your goods.
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Time frame in which Your Shipment Needs to be Delivered
Freight that needs to be delivered quickly will carry a higher price tag than freight that isn’t time sensitive. If you need special time-related delivery such as guaranteed AM or PM delivery, R+L Global Logistics can assist you.
Additional Services Needed White Glove Icon
Additional Services Needed
Supplemental freight services such as liftgate, white glove, and high value/high risk commodities will incur accessorial charges. During the quote process, be clear about what you’re shipping and where it’s being shipped to and from. This will help your shipping company determine what additional services might be necessary.

If you have any questions about how your freight quote was calculated, we’re happy to assist you. 

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R+L Global Logistics Advantage

When it comes to shipping freight, there are countless freight companies to choose from. However, R+L Global Logistics sets itself apart from other shipping companies through some important competitive advantages.

One-Stop Shop

We simplify your supply chain by being your go-to provider for multiple transportation and logistics services. From warehousing and order fulfillment to LTL freight and customs clearance, we can handle it all for you.

 Affordable Rates

Thanks to our valuable partnerships and wide range of services, you gain access to premium performance at a reasonable price. We can secure volume discounts based on your shipments, as well as savings, for using multiple services.

Scalable Services

Mom and pop shop? Multi-million dollar corporation? We tailor our services to meet your needs regardless of size. When you’re ready to grow your business, we’ll be ready to help you take it to the next level.

Service First Approach

Top notch customer service is built into every aspect of our business. Industry leading technology, an always available support team, and knowledgeable experts are just a few of the reasons our customers continue to choose us over the competition.

Full Transparency

From quote to delivery, our process is honest and transparent. We know how frustrating it can be to get surprised by unexpected charges on a final bill. You’ll always receive an accurate quote and know where your freight is and when it’s going to arrive.

Access to a Vast Network

Our vetted and trusted network of freight carriers give you peace of mind that a truck will always be ready and available when you need it. Whether you need a one-time shipment or have regularly scheduled deliveries, we have the resources to get the job done.

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Questions? Call Us:
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