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Simple Solutions: Freight Class Calculator
Make Determining Freight Class Density Easy
R+L Global Logistics is a provider of truckload shipping solutions. Determining the class of your freight is an essential part of getting goods and commodities on the road. That’s why we’ve created this easy-to-use freight class calculator to help you plan your shipment.

Freight density is important because it determines freight class, which can influence price. Our freight class calculator can verify freight density and freight class, allowing you to easily get an accurate freight quote. In most cases, a shipment’s freight classification is higher when the freight density is lower.

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Calculate Freight Density

What is Freight Class?

In most cases, your truckload freight shipping cost is based on the weight and dimensions of the goods being shipped. To make this simple and uniform, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) came up with the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC). The NMFC creates a standard that assigns specific classes to certain types and sizes of freight. The classification compares different goods and commodities being shipped. Every product shipped can fall into varying freight classes. The different freight classes are represented by numbers 50-500.
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How is Freight Class Determined?

There are several characteristics that help determine freight class. The factors that influence freight class are: density, stowability, handling and liability.


Density might be the most important factor in determining freight class. In the simplest terms, freight density is your item’s pounds per cubic feet. Lower density items tend to have a lower freight class, and therefore a lower price. Density calculation is important.


Stowability accounts for how simple it is to move or stow your particular commodity. If your item contains hazardous materials or is an awkward size or shape it might have a higher freight class, which translates into a higher price.


Handling considers how often the commodity has to be touched while en route to its final destination. If it needs to stop at multiple terminals along the way or requires special handling, it becomes difficult to handle. This can result in a higher freight class, which can increase the cost of shipping.


Liability takes several factors into account. Is the item delicate and could be damaged easily during transport? Is it frequently stolen? Is it perishable? Answering yes to these questions increases the liability risk of transporting the item. The higher the risk, the higher the freight class.
You can use our handy calculator to determine freight class. You just need to know the length, width, height and weight of your commodity and input these figures into the calculator.
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Freight Class Examples

You’ll find that each commodity has its own freight class, based on density, stowability, handling and liability. Denser items tend to have lower freight classes.
Freight class examples might include:
  • Palletized Bricks – 50
  • Bottled Beverages – 65
  • Processed Foods – 70
  • Tires – 77.5
  • Machinery in Crates –  85
  • Computers and Electronics – 92.5
  • Small Household Appliances – 125
  • Upholstered Furniture – 175
  • Aircraft Parts – 200
  • Mattresses and Box Springs – 250
  • Ping Pong Balls – 500
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Truckload Shipping with R+L Global Logistics

R+L Global Logistics is ready to offer the freight shipping solutions you need to move truckload, refrigerated and expedited freight -- regardless of freight class. We work with a trusted network of the best carriers in the business. This means we are prepared to provide freight services throughout the continental United States and beyond.

Count on R+L Global Logistics to ensure on-time delivery, every time. We have the tools you need, like this freight class calculator, to offer the shipping solutions you need to keep your supply chain moving. Let us handle the legwork while you get down to business.
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