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They might say Virginia is for lovers, but for many businesses in Old Dominion shipping freight is a big deal. Virginia has a few major metro areas and rural farmlands, so freight shipping from Virginia means moving all kinds of goods on the state’s highways.

Major agricultural commodities moving in and out of Virginia include leaf tobacco, tomatoes, apples, grapes and Christmas trees. Manufactured products moving in and out of Virginia are just as diverse, with food, beverage and tobacco products leading the pack. Other dominant Virginia manufacturing sectors include aerospace and other transportation equipment, chemicals, fabricated metals, and computer and electronic products.

Shipping from Virginia Richmond Virginia City Skyline
Shipping from Virginia
Shipping from Virginia Blue Flatbed Carrier on Highway

Virginia’s Diverse List of Goods

  • Tomatoes

  • Aerospace & Transportation Equipment

  • Electronics

  • Chemicals

  • Processed Food

With so many diverse products, freight shipping from Virginia means all kinds of cargoes are traveling by the truckload on the state’s highways.

Additionally, freight shipping from Virginia means goods on the go. Nestled at the south end of the mid Atlantic region, truckloads of freight from Virginia can be down the coast in just a few hours or reach the interior of the country or even the West Coast in just a few days.

Let R+L Global Logistics be your partner in freight shipping from Virginia. The urban and country roads leaving Virginia might be well traveled, but a strategic partner like R+L Global Logistics can keep you moving with more than 99% on-time delivery.

R+L Global Logistics shipping services include:

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