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Shipping Freight from New Mexico

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Reach the Country with New Mexico Freight

There is no better freight shipping solution from New Mexico than R+L Global Logistics.

Known as the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico has a number of resources critical to the nation’s economy. The desert state, in close proximity to California and Texas, allows shippers to cover the miles quickly.

Shipping Freight From New Mexico Albuquerque Skyline
Shipping Freight From New Mexico Semi Trucks on Highway
Shipping Freight From New Mexico Semi Trucks on Highway

New Mexico commodities include:

  •   Petroleum Products
  •   Silicon Computer Chips
  •   Chemicals
  •   Concrete
  •   Processed Food

A truckload of goods from Albuquerque can reach the west coast in a day or so. While refrigerated freight starts in the hot climate of Las Cruces the carrier network of R+L Global Logistics ensures the load arrives safe and on time.

The bulk of truckload freight leaving the state via Interstate 10 has a number of direct routes largely to The Golden and the Lone Star states.

R+L Global Logistics shipping services include:

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