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New Jersey is known as the Garden State. But more than gardens grow here. Businesses of all kinds grow and thrive in New Jersey. This means many products and commodities move out of the state on trucks, and truckload shipping from New Jersey is a big deal for many businesses.

Both manufactured products and agricultural commodities leave New Jersey on trucks, heading for destinations including Texas, New York and California. Manufactured products moving out of New Jersey include processed foods and drinks, electronics and chemicals. Agricultural commodities being shipped out of New Jersey by the truckload include tomatoes, cranberries and nursery products.

Freight Shipping from New Jersey Garden State
Freight Shipping from New Jersey Semi Truck on the Highway
Freight Shipping from New Jersey Semi Truck on the Highway

With so many diverse cargoes leaving New Jersey on trucks, it’s easy to see by truckload shipping from New Jersey is important to the thriving state’s economy. New Jersey’s strategic location on the Atlantic Ocean means goods can be up or down the coast in just a few hours or across the country in a few days.

R+L Global is ready to be your strategic partner for freight shipping from New Jersey. The roads and highways leaving the Garden State are well traveled, but we’re prepared to guide you along the way. R+L Global Logistics will keep you moving every mile of the journey.

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