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Whether shipping from North Carolina begins on the Atlantic coast of Wilmington, along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville or the expansive hub of Charlotte, R+L Global Logistics covers the region. The Tar Heel state, home to global brands including textiles, furniture, and food, produces a diversity of freight ready to ship around the country.

Depending on the commodity, freight shipping can be challenging for a novice, unfamiliar with the region or able to meet a specific delivery deadline. Let our team know what you need to ship from North Carolina and where it needs to go and we can provide a competitive freight quote to get it there on time.

Freight Shipping from North Carolina
Freight Shipping from North Carolina Semi Truck on Highway at Night
Freight Shipping from North Carolina Semi Truck on Highway

North Carolina is geographically situated to reach much of the east coast within a few hours and the South Central and Pacific Southwest of the U.S. in a couple of days. R+L Global Logistics is well positioned to handle shipping from North Carolina.

R+L Global Logistics shipping services include:

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