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Freight Shipping from Louisiana

There are few states that can compare to the production of a list of diverse goods that accounts for consistent freight shipping from Louisiana. The Bayou State is home to a global condiment brand made from ingredients only found in a local parish. Getting truckloads of this product and other freight shipping from Louisiana is where R+L Global Logistics can certainly offer solutions.

Freight shipping from Louisiana to reach neighboring states and other parts of the country will likely travel via a network of interstates crisscrossing the state. Interstate 20 in the northern part of the state is one of the most direct routes out of Louisiana. In addition, Interstate 49 crisscrosses the center of the state while Interstate 10 and Interstate 12 loops around the Big Easy taking freight east to west. The short span of Interstate 55 heads due north from New Orleans reaching the state line in a couple of hours.

Louisiana, known for great food, good music, and a rich cultural history produces paper goods and processed food in the northern and central parts of the state. Seafood in high demand around the country is found in just about every freshwater bayou and body of water in the state. Chemical products and petroleum-based goods also come from Louisiana. By working closely with our team, shippers can rely on R+L Global Logistics to handle freight shipping from Louisiana.
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