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Freight Shipping from Kansas

The job of freight shipping from Kansas is a region of the country R+L Global Logistics knows well and what it takes to get truckloads of goods across state lines. The Sunflower State sits in the middle of the country in what is often referred to as the grain state. Shipping from Kansas includes freight made up of processed food, chemical products, and an abundance of wheat.

Kansas is covered east to west by Interstate 70 while I-35 takes traffic from Wichita on a northeastern trek. Yes, Kansas is indeed the land where the buffalo roams. Kansas City, Kansas, on the east border of the state across from Missouri, is an important manufacturing hub generating large volumes of freight. In addition to the golden fields of wheat and other agricultural crops in the state’s western sector, aircraft manufacturing and salt mining from the southern region of Kansas factors into the supply chain.

When it’s time to secure shipping from Kansas, our team works closely with shippers to ensure their freight is delivered on time, every time. Regardless if it’s a load of meat leaving Kansas City heading to the southeast region of the country or a truckload of wheat shipping to nearby Missouri, R+L Global Logistics is uniquely located to handle it all hassle-free.
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