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Freight Shipping from Connecticut

Although it may be from one of the smallest states in the country, freight shipping from Connecticut makes a big statement in the supply chain of goods headed around the country. R+L Global Logistics is well positioned throughout the New England region to assist shippers get freight in place on time, every time.

Connecticut, known as the Constitution State, is the idyllic backdrop for the vast amount of manufacturing of everything from aircraft parts to stealth submarines along with harvesting top brand pharmaceuticals and abundant crops. The state is covered by a network of interstates including Interstate 95 that stretches the entire length of the eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida.

R+L Global Logistics is able to tailor services to meet customer needs when it comes to shipping freight from Connecticut. Let us know what freight needs to ship and we’ll put our expertise to work to handle the job. We take the job of freight shipping from Connecticut seriously.
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