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Freight Shipping from Alabama

Alabama’s economy thrives on both agriculture and industry. From field crops to chemical production, outbound goods and products from the Yellowhammer State keep the nation’s supply chains strong. Freight shipping from Alabama is crucial to business.

All kinds of goods and products flow out of Alabama. Some of the leading agricultural commodities coming from Alabama include livestock (specifically broiler chickens), eggs, hogs and farmed catfish. Chemical manufacturing rules the production world in Alabama. Insecticides, chemicals for fibers and fertilizers are produced here. Other manufactured goods coming from Alabama include paper products and primary metals.

With so much outbound freight leaving Alabama, it’s important to have the right logistics ally on your side. R+L Global Logistics is ready to be your strategic partner for freight shipping from Alabama. Let us show you how truckload and LTL shipping services can get your goods on the move. No matter your shipment needs to go across the state or across the country, we can help.
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